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  1. Why cant the screen instruct the right seater? 1. push the red knob in. 2. push the blue knob in. 3. watch this screen closely and push or pull the black knob slowly until the two arrows line up? its far better than nothing. Mike
  2. stop drilled and fiberglass mesh and resin. it made them twice as heavy though, as they are very light. im not positive but i think also they started life flexible...these however are not anymore. Mike
  3. I have a couple of these repaired and primed if anyone is interested. ill get some pics tonight Mike
  4. ok, im out. this place is no different than anywhere else. i come looking for help, and now im on defense to you two. the grease is old, the grease is dirty, and it failed in the cold....probably the last straw. jesus.
  5. thats what he uses, but no telling what was in there, or how dirty or old it is,i have yet to annual this plane.
  6. AP says this is a common issue here in new england in february. so damn cold, and planes sit more. Im not the first case this winter either. Mike
  7. congealed grease on the jackscrew it turns out. i searched the site but couldnt find the type of grease specified. it gets cold here in winter, need a better grease maybe. mike
  8. My altitude pre select display lens has de-laminated and its almost impossible to read. its the same material as the radio lenses as well. The numerical display still works fine, its just the protective orange lens in front. does anyone have a source for the material? its just glued in there. Mike
  9. I’ve landed there many times. It’s about the same as any other runway until you run out of rudder authority. Just easy on the brakes! They closed it today, the warm weather is here, and they’ve had issues with the taxiways because people have installed dock bubblers and the taxiways and parking weren’t thick enough. There’s a restaurant right there so a breakfast run is usually what we would do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. John Tiplady he flies out of Portsmouth NH he flew my k at Portland Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Two alternators. Number two tripped.
  12. If anyone has a copy please. my maintenance manual doesn't have it. thanks Mike
  13. 80 amp alternator breaker. I assume that's the output breaker.
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