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  1. If anyone has a copy please. my maintenance manual doesn't have it. thanks Mike
  2. 80 amp alternator breaker. I assume that's the output breaker.
  3. On final yesterday I could not get the nose to come up with the electric trim right at the runway threshold. Pulling back on the yoke was not fun and i used the manual trim wheel. All of this threw a wrench into my approach and i went around. I completed a lap and landed using manual trim (trim wheel functioned properly) and the electric nose up trim did nothing again. After landing i noticed the number two alternator circuit breaker popped. and the indicator light on. The trim and autopilot worked fine during takeoff and the one hour flight. I don't have access to an electrical schematic, if
  4. yay! mine arrived today. a weird delivery to be sure. thanks for the help Nidal. Mike
  5. Update: The driver left a Driver follow-up card on the door. It said it was delivered the fifth (the day of the storm) and left at mailbox. We have rural route mailboxes at the street, 300 feet or so from the house in these parts. Its not unusual to see packages perched on top of the mailbox or in a bag hanging from the flag. No one but the owner or the post office is allowed to put anything in a mailbox under federal law. There is now 4 foot snow banks on the side of the road. I surmise the package is in the snow, and could be a half mile down the street. C
  6. Snow is not too deep actually for these parts, but deep enough to cover a package. its not the first time its happened. Mike
  7. So this is a total bummer... no reflection on Microkit. UPS delivered the unit on Friday in a snowstorm. UPS listed the drop spot as other. I assume its buried in the snowbank from the plow, its nowhere to be found. I had to file a claim. It will probably turn up in April. Mike.
  8. Just ordered. For 700 bucks the check gear warning alone is worth it, actually it is what sold me on it. i was already in the research phase of a gear warning system. I have not forgot yet in all these years, but its one of those things i dread. The altitude callouts are a bonus, to me the value is in the gear warning. For the price of 2 or so tanks of gas. Mike
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