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  1. A64Pilot, I couldn't agree more. My biggest concern with owning a Mooney is old parts that feel impossible to replace. It makes way more sense to buy modern electronics that are exactly the same as what is in the airplane. Very frustrating and unnecessarily expensive.
  2. Formation flying is cool. Nice to have a photographer with you too!
  3. Hi Pogamassing... just my 2 cents on it. If you don't need the "flying SUV" for useful load and think the twin is overkill, that pretty much narrows it down to Mooney and Cirrus in terms of speed and efficiency. It's nice that you have a budget that opens up a few options. In my opinion the best option is a SR22. -The factory is still fully functional and currently producing airplanes. This is huge for parts availability, fleet support, customer service, etc -Turbocharger will be very useful on high density altitude days -Many SR22s have either a FIKI or inadverte
  4. Looking to remove yokes for wrapping. Any advice on the process? Never removed yokes before. 1976 F model
  5. Update: cleaned out fuel injectors, checked spark plugs, and back to 100%
  6. All great points, thank you very much. My A&P is taking a look at it this week. There were a number of things that should have replaced during my pre-purchase overhaul that were neglected. If cleaning out the injectors and and re spacing spark plugs does not work, I will most likely be replacing the entire ignition system and some fuel components that should have been overhauled. I’ll reach out @oregon87 on how to pull data off of the EI. again, I appreciate it.
  7. Helpful response. I’m taking the airplane into the shop now and we will certainly be checking the injectors. I’m hoping that there is an obvious Gotchya that we find and it’s all good from there. the missile is super sweet, I’m sure you are very much enjoying it!
  8. Carusoam, thanks for the input. The airplane does have a switch labeled for engine monitor recording, however I have never used it (it just stays in the ‘on’ position). That said, I will have to figure it out now. What do you mean by skipping? as far as timeline, I don’t usually watch the EI too closely on the ground, and these pictures were taken during a runup. In flight the EGT ranges have been pretty close together (including the first flight it was noticed on, if I remember correctly)
  9. Thank you for the informative response. I will definitely bring this up at tomorrow’s maintenance appointment to sort it out.
  10. Thanks skip. I gave the exhaust system a once-over and did not see anything abnormal, but perhaps a more detailed look is in order. kind of hard to pull the panels off when it’s below 0°F outside! Not much better in the unheated hangar... warmer days are around the corner though and it would be great to have the old girl squared away for the summer. I appreciate the feedback
  11. 1976 M20F IO-360-A1A TSMOH: 110 hours Oil consumption: roughly 1 quart every 11 hours In flight fuel consumption appears normal Background: on a short cross-country flight, after getting established in cruise at roughly 72-74% power and leaning out, heard/felt a sound as though someone kicked the firewall with a steel toe boot and possibly an abnormal amount of vibrating in the cabin, though that may have just been my heightened awareness. This occurred about 4 times over the course of several minutes. Thinking of detonation (high power setting, excessively lean mixt
  12. Also interested. 76’ F model.
  13. Good doing business with you Jimmy, I purchased a 76' F from you in November. Since then I have put over 70 hours on it. It has been from San Antonio to Duluth MN, westward to South Dakota - Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and as far north as the Canadian border. I felt comfortable conducting business with you despite somewhat unique geographic circumstances due to your businesses reputation. My wife and I love the plane and have turned it into a project to build out over the next few years. I wish you a successful 2021! John
  14. Kind of wondering what people are using for new flap motors, since the original part numbers are not made anymore.
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