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  1. Dear fellow Mooney owners, I'm looking for a used, yet functional FlightStream 210 to feed my GNS430W with flight plans. Does anybody have one left from upgrade? Please leave a message here.
  2. Finally had some time to follow-up on the issue and found the screw! Next step: I‘ll apply the #3 sealant. I’ll post the results .
  3. Quick question for the owners-maintainers: can you legally replace a duct with a part number (e.g. the air duct for cabin air to heater mixer P/N 640001-027) by cut-to-length ducting from aircraft spruce (https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/appages/scat.php) in the frame of preventive maintenance? Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.
  4. I just fitted my M20J (1984) with a Reiff sump heater in the frame of "standard change" owner-installation. The dipstick tube seems to be the default place to put zip the plug to and so did I. Perhaps you can trace the cables from the heater elements on the sump using the cable layout provided by Reiff (attached). In case your cables have been removed (likely starting with the "Y"), I'm sure you can either remake them yourself or order them from Reiff.
  5. Thanks a million. I will try that during my upcoming annual and will report back here how it went.
  6. Yesterday I noticed a blue liquid - presumably avgas - seeping from under the wing walk on my 1984 M20J. Where could that come from? If I am not mistaken, there is no service panel under there. Could it be a crack in the wing skin?
  7. Yes, I am planning to switch. It works better language wise also between the shop and the authorities.
  8. A change of user name is due: wannebeMooniac signs off as I picked up my M20J today. Thanks to you all for your insights and wisdom so far.
  9. I'm right behind you. Have signed a purchase contract ... Will report here.
  10. Hmm, this sounds like putting all the risk on the buyer, which is in this case myself. From experience is much higher-stake business I can tell you that no buyer is eager to engage in unknown unknowns. I am perfectly find with buying a 40-year old aircraft with known issues for the right price. You will find very few buyers (professionals or otherwise) who are fine in transferring the money with a lets-see-what-happens approach. BTW, I had agreed with the seller on a dedicated pre-buy, in the frame of which the high metal in the oil came up. So, these are post-pre-buy considerations. In any ca
  11. @carusoam Thanks much. Ad 1) Nope, he didn't. Makes me a bit suspicious..... Ad 4) Of course. I was considering scaling it up assuming a linear build-up. Ad 8-10) The seller says he is flying regularly, but there is no way for me to validate this other than an oil/filter analysis. In summary: If the seller is motivated enough to provide the extra oil analysis, I'll take a leap of faith and go ahead with the purchase. If not - well ....
  12. Ah , I see. It was allegedly changed in June 2020. I've meanwhile asked the seller to provide a new sample after oil change and 10 hours of flying. Let's see what happens ....
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