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  1. He's a rescue, but we guess that he's a Terrier / Shiba Inu mix. He's about 24lbs and fits in a backpack
  2. I think they are a must have for a long trip. Our dog keeps them on, but shakes them off as soon as the engine is shut down.
  3. No data. Insight Avionics GEM 603 engine monitor. What is ALCOR? I did another mag check after the issue on the ground and couldn't reproduce it any issue. This might be because I had leaned aggressively in taxi and then did the run up. I'm also leaning towards fowled plug because they had a lot of deposits on the plugs when I cleaned them and the issues seem correlated to mixture being too rich. Perhaps I need to always lean appropriately in the pattern or find a better take off mixture? It wasn't a high altitude airport (field elevation 800 feet).
  4. Run up was OK. Mag check was about 75 RPM drop on either side. Prop cycled OK. I flew from KWHP to KVNY for some pattern work and do a ground VOR check. I land at KVNY, perform the VOR check, then take off for some pattern work. The first touch and go was fine. On the second one, I think I might have heard a few pops like backfiring but I am not sure. The engine was still producing full power at this point. On take off from the third touch and go, I noticed a much slower climb, rough running engine (possible infrequent backfiring and more than usual vibration), and very low CHT / EGT on c
  5. I can confirm. It took me about 30 seconds to pick the lock with a rake pick lol I don’t park the plane outside often, but I’d like to at least deter a handle puller while on a short stop or overnight parking
  6. I thought about re-pinning the door locks to match the ignition but I was having a hard time getting the lock off the cargo door and I didn’t try the main door yet. I suppose I can live with 3 different keys
  7. I was able to impression the lock and make a new key for the cargo door. It looks like I also have 3 different keys... I ran out of time to make a key for the main door but I was disappointed to learn the cargo door key did not turn the main door lock. Great idea on the color codes!
  8. I'm looking to get a replacement door key for my M20J. The ignition key is different from the door lock and I do not have a copy of the original keys for the doors. The door lock has "LL328" written on it. I checked with a friend that also has a M20J with the same lock inscribed with "LL328" and their key did not turn the lock. I tried ordering a Herman Miller replacement key for LL328 since it uses the same IN8 key blank. This did not work either. (See attached photo with the Herman Miller key in the door) The lock does turn, I was able to pick the lock with basic lock picking
  9. Thanks Dan! I have Kevin's number, I'll shoot him a message. At a minimum, I need CFI for insurance checkout. Instrument rating is the next step after that.
  10. I'm looking for a CFI at KWHP with experience in a Mooney M20J for instrument rating. Does anyone have any leads or suggestions? Thanks!
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