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  1. Have any of you with F models had your retractable step hang-up on the belly skin part of the opening, and not extend? Mine is doing this, looks like either wear on the two 840006 bearing block halves, or the bulkhead is bending over time.
  2. Anyone have photos of their water deflectors/ "tents" inside the avionics bay that they can share? I'd like to do this, but am thinking they should be easy to remove for avionics work; maybe Velcro?
  3. Fellow ‘67 M20F owners, I got a 4522 bulb from Aircraft Spruce (P/N from the original IPD), not GE, and it doesn’t look right. See photos attached. There’s a parabolic copper reflector or something inside the bulb, and a single clocking nub so it doesn’t look like it’ll mount flat. My cowl housing does not have a cut-out for the clocking nub. The old bulb had 3 standoffs. Has anyone successfully mounted this bulb? If so, how do I clock it? If not, what PN & Mfgr do you recommend for this model? Thanks
  4. What is MSC? The industrial supplies distributor? Mooney something? Thanks
  5. Josh, did the new air speed pressure switch fix your take-off gear retraction issue? Do you happen to have P/N and place you bought it?
  6. Has anyone tried stowing the folded scooters vertically in the baggage area? Would 2 fit in there vertically?
  7. Flyman2456: Our '67 M20F POH mentions popping on the ground if too rich. I've been having this too, will try leaning more or idle mixture. Thanks.
  8. Thanks all. I’m still trying to find the Illustrated Parts Diagram / catalog for my ‘67 F model, if anyone has this one. Looks like a lot of questionable web sites have it but need my credit card.
  9. Thanks M20Doc! Are those IPD’s available somewhere? I need those for the whole plane!
  10. All, I removed my air filter to find this disc from the alternate air intake valve rolling around in there. Looks like the fastener loosened. I guess I’ll be removing the cowling and fishing for the screw, but what hardware goes with this? Is there a screw, spring, washers, etc? The service manual doesn’t have a parts list. Thanks much.
  11. Here’s the wiring diagram. Doesn’t look like the dual unit is wired right.
  12. Does this look like my old dual-warning unit is wired correctly for the gear horn? I wear an A20 headset, but cannot for the life of me hear any gear horn when practicing stalls or on landing. The stall horn works well (within the dual unit). I also see this Sonalert buzzer; the only other horn I can think of is the S-Tec autopilot. Could the Sonalert be a replacement for the gear horn when that half of the dual warning unit failed, or could it be the autopilot horn? Thank Much Glenn in CA, USA
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