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  1. The GEN circuit breaker. However, the generator was replaced with an alternator in 2013.
  2. 64C. Troubleshooting an electrical issue. 12v system. This morning had barely enough juice to turn the prop (took ~5 minutes of trying to start the motor). After everything came online, noticed that the alternator only showed 13.1v when it normally shows 14v. Power gradually dropped to 11v and popped the circuit breaker. Shut down and called a mech buddy. 30 minutes later he measured the battery prior to start, showed nominal 12v. He also measured the draw on the battery during engine start. Only dropped to ~11v and plane started right up. However still lower than normal volts with altern
  3. Did you make this? If so, can I order one from you? I need to replace the one on my 64 M20C. Matt
  4. Update: Don called me this afternoon and described all the work he’s done on the plane since the current owner’s pre-buy in 2016. Only minor squawks. No red flags. She sounds like a good bird! Still planning on taking her to Lubbock Aero for the pre-buy for a second set of eyes.
  5. Incredible advice. I’ll definitely be doing this. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the lively discussion and opinions everyone! Don and SWTA have worked on the aircraft before. I can’t overlook the value of getting a second opinion from an unbiased MSC. I’m pursuing Lubbock Aero at KLBB for the pre-buy.
  7. This is what I’m thinking as well. I’m hoping for Lubbock Aero. They’ve worked with Savvy before, never worked on the plane, and it’s easy for the seller to travel back after the ferry flight.
  8. Even if they have already worked on the airplane recently? Especially if it was for an annual, they’d have a vested interest to find it airworthy in order to protect their reputation. I don’t think they’d necessarily take a purely unbiased position.
  9. For a pre-buy, do you think it’s more important to go to a shop that has never worked on the aircraft, or to a shop that has worked on it but also has a good reputation like Don Maxwell?
  10. The plane has already been worked on by Don in previous years, I believe an annual or two. They recommend an impartial shop for a pre-buy, one that has never worked on the aircraft before.
  11. Does anyone have experience with Broadie’s Aircraft at Fort Worth Meacham International Airport (KFTW), good, bad, or otherwise? Savvy Aviation recommended them for a pre-buy examination for a 1964 M20C. Apparently they used to be a MSC but aren’t any longer? I’d be interested to find out why they are no longer an MSC.
  12. Thanks for the info Ricky. I’ll be based out of PVG or CPK in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach. I may use Weber or AGL as a “local” MSC. I found a potential plane in Indiana. Any MSCs or sound Mooney shops around that area for a pre buy?
  13. Thanks for the SA. I will definitely look into Saavy.
  14. I'm seeking a C,E, or F model. I earned my PPL about 9 years ago, prior to my senior year in college. After college, I joined the Navy where I now serve as an F/A-18F Weapon Systems Officer. I have not had a chance to do any GA flying, but have found availability now with my current command and orders. I only have ~50 hours GA, and am currently in the process of getting current with a BFR from a buddy who is a CFI. Overall mission is a time builder and cross-country workhouse to be able to take the wife, dog, and newborn to PA and FL from VA, as well as fly around locally with a group of buddi
  15. MS, First time plane buyer here. My quest for a gem continues...however, once I find her, what is the easiest way to quickly identify the most qualified shop or individual near the aircraft location to conduct the pre buy inspection? Should I just use MS and say “I’m interested in a plane at XXX airport, who’s the best nearby?” Or should I have a shop in mind for general geographic regions around the country? Is there a directory at hand of the most qualified shops/inspectors around the country? Should I place a deposit before a pre-buy to ensure someone doesn’t scoop it up from underneat
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