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  1. Thank you for the PM check out, carusoam.
  2. I interested but I don’t know how to “PM for details” please advise Thanks
  3. Does anyone have a DAC31 for sale?
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Best regards, Frank Gash Mooney N3450X
  5. Greetings fellow Mooney drivers, Although I have owned my Mooney since 1994, I just signed up on and am hoping that someone on the list might have some sage advice on GPSS. I have a Century II B autopilot for the roll axis with an STEC PSS 60 for the pitch axis in my 1966 M-20E. I recently removed my ancient KX170 B w/ CDI and had a Garmin GNC 355 GPS Nav/Comm with a new Garmin GI-106B CDI installed in its panel slot to bring the bird into the 21st Century at last. Everything works as advertised when using the autopilot, but I would really like to reduce pilot workload further and GPSS sounds like the answer. I do not yet have GPSS installed but am eager to do so soon. The reason that I did not have a GPSS converter/adapter installed when the GNC 355 was put in is that, at the time, I was planning on upgrading in the near future to two Garmin GI-275s as replacements for my existing attitude indicator and DG. I was informed that the GI-275 would supply the GPSS function interface with my autopilot without the need for additional converter/adapter installation. I am now re-thinking whether I really want to spend the extra money right now on the GI-275 upgrade so I’m seeking advice on what would get GPSS onboard in an alternative way. From my online research so far, it looks like the DAC International GDC31 GPSS System Roll Steering Converter is what I need. Having said all of this does anyone have any suggestions on what I may need to interface my existing equipment? Thank you very much, Frank Gash Mooney N3450X