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  1. Hey, guys. I’m doing my commercial add on at a flight school in Eden Prairie, Mn at the Flying Cloud airport. My goal has always been to purchase a Mooney shortly after finishing my training because the Mooney will fit my mission. There was a Mooney flying this weekend and I wanted to try and get ahold of the owner because I would love to go up on one but I got too busy with my multi training. Now that I’m home for a week I figured I’d reach out to the community and see if there is anyone in that area that would be willing to show me the ropes of a Mooney. I’ll take care of the gas! Thanks for having this community and I hope to be a long time contributor! Adam
  2. Hangared in an air conditioned hangar for the last 24 years. The 98 hours appears to be spread throughout the 20 years. Apparently the man's wife got sick and he just didn't have time to fly. The man is quite wealthy and the plane is meticulously cared for. I just wouldn't want to sink close to $100k on an airplane with a 20 year old engine that hasn't flown. I don't get the warm and fuzzies, and I wanted to see what others thought.
  3. Hey everyone! New guy here and I have been casually browsing for Mooney's over the last few months. I have narrowed my search down to a M20J. It fits my mission perfectly. I went and looked at an M20J today and, on paper, it looks great. Low AF time, 2189, and a TSMOH of 98 hours on the IO-360. Sounds great. Until I get the log books and notice that the engine and props were overhauled in 2000. I dig through the log books and they look good. The compressions on the last annual were 76, 74, 76, 72. That was 8/14/19 and it appears that the engine has only been run up for a total of 1.3 hours since then. Am I wasting my time? No oil analysis have been done. It was suggested by the sellers broker that I could have the cylinders borescoped, but I don't feel like it makes any sense for anyone other than the owner to sink some money into the airplane. With a TBO of 2000 and 12 years on the engine, tell me I should run. And if I shouldn't, why?
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