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  1. Autocorrect got me again. Lol. You are correct. We are swapping the old O360 for a IO360. From looking at the parts manual, the only engine cable that will fit from the old engine is the prop control. We are lucky enough to have a salvage aircraft for most of the parts we will need.
  2. Thanks for all the info. I don’t remember where I heard that but it almost kind of made sense by looking at the 2 bottom mounts where they attach to the firewall. I have always been skeptical about rotating it down and it wasn’t something I was actually wanting to do. I am in the middle of C to E model conversation and figured I would ask. Does anyone happen to have a mixture cable or ram air cable they want to part with?
  3. Have a question for the group. It appears that the engine can pivot on the lower mounts to gain access to the rear accessory’s. Does anyone have any knowledge of this. I think I’ve heard in the past that it was designed that way. Thanks
  4. Thanks everyone for the reply’s. I will keep everyone updated on the progress. There may actually be another option now. We may have found a complete fuselage with a 50 hour IO360. It’s been stored inside and 100% complete and only sitting a short time. The other owner found corrosion and parted out the AC. It’s complete minus the wings and gear. May fly out to go look at it next week. Of course there would be a complete inspection of the other engine before any decisions are made.
  5. Awesome. Did you see any difference with temps or economy
  6. It’s Kind comes down to $$. We are also removing the gear completely and rebuilding them and also putting on a one piece belly. We Think we can rebuild The engine ourselves cheaper then buying one. We just figured if the Millinum cylinders are what ram are using on their engines and they make them for a O360 if we should try them or not. I know they are two completely different engines just wondering if anyone has used them in a Mooney. Ours is a 1965 M20C.
  7. Hello everyone. This has probably been answered a million times already but figured I would ask anyways. I have a 65 C with the O360. We found 2 cracks in the case with ECI cylinders. Since we need a new case my partner and I decided to rebuild the engine. We r buying a new case, sending out crank And rods for magnaflux. We know we can not reuse the ECI cylinders so my question is Millinum Cylinders. They state cooler temperatures and better fuel/air mixture. We just put a new RAM 520 on a C414 and RAM is using Millinum cylinders. Has anyone here put them on a O360 and if so, what is your ex
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