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  1. An interesting video that speculates why Mooney eventually failed.
  2. I think Mooney or a company similar should do the same for the medium body F (and older J) and do what Bushliner does for the Cessna 180 and 185s: https://bushliner.com/our-process/
  3. To get back in the market, Mooney would have to bring a model which is affordable, efficient, has a chute and get the speeds of at least the J model. Affordable means so that the middle classes can get back into the new airplane market. Whether it's aluminum or plastic does not matter at all Best regards, Urs This doesn't appear to be realistic unless some drastic changes in the way planes can be manufactured. Planes will never be as cheap as they were in the 50's, 60's and part 70's where a person with a higher income job could afford a new plane. Maybe the future for us regular "Joe's" is the Experimental market with the Builder Assist programs. Van's and mostly Sling have been promoting this feature for those that don't have hundreds of free hours (and skill) and an available garage.
  4. If you decide to part ways with that Redline towbar separately, let me know. In case the next buyer already has one.
  5. With scattered storms hanging around for a few days, you just have to squeeze in a flight when there is a break in the weather. https://youtu.be/qAjAhMHU-kQ
  6. Bonanza, Cirrus, Diamond, Mooney, Pipistrel, etc. - it doesn't matter - new high performance complex single engine aircraft are more and more unaffordable by historical measures. but Cirrus still managed to sell 420 total aircraft in 2020. There is still a market for these type of new aircraft. If Mooney was able to build aircraft efficiently / competitively and make somewhat of a profit, they would still be in business.
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