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  1. Oxygen topics must be in the air! Dad jokes aside, does anyone have a recommendation on where to purchase just the Scott fitting that will fit a constant flow tube (like an Aerox or MountainHigh constant flow)? Aircraft Spruce has the "Retrofit kit plus Scott type fitting" (#13-18992 here https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/pspages/retrofit.php) but I really only need the fitting itself and don't want to drop $105 on a 1 inch piece of brass, though 0.1 AMU to ensure oxygen flows is probably fine if it comes down to it (Other relevant thread on this topic pasted below for a
  2. One word of caution on yoke mounts and autopilots. It is purely a theory but I was having fits with my A/P disengaging in relatively light turbulence when I had my iPad mounted to the yoke (no it wasn't hitting the disconnect button ). I removed it and have since not had the issue. Again, theory but I wonder if the additional weight on the yoke puts additional burden on the trim servo. B
  3. Roger that. I'm looking at ~22.5k quote all-in for the GFC500, G5, and GAD (install estimated at ~10k), which is tough to stomach given my KFC was doing great until the computer fried.
  4. Has anyone on this thread installed the GFC500 with a G500 (not Txi--the original G500)? It's frustrating but it seems like even with the G500 you still need to install the G5 backups and associated GAD29 interface.
  5. Appreciate the input. Have sent a note to a few recommended avionics shops in the area in addition to Weber. Will report back when we figure out the problem and what we do/did about it!
  6. Acknowledging that there are a plethora of KFC150 commentaries on MS, coming back to the well for more. Our panel: G500 with GTN 750, GNS 430, KFC 150, KAS 297B (and then a bunch of Garmin gear for XM, traffic, etc but not really pertinent). Our problem: We were in the decent yesterday (around 2200 feet) when the KFC 150 failed (basically powered down). It did not pop a circuit breaker--just failed/turned off. The KAS 297B altitude preselect was still 'on' and indicating it was receiving but had 4 horizontal bars across and would not allow for any inputs/would no display an altitud
  7. I would recommend prior to pre-buy you have a Mooney professional review the logs. It will make the prebuy much more targeted and give you a relatively cheap sniff check of the plane before you go to the trouble of a deposit/P&S/PPI/escrow/etc. I used JD and Laura out of SW TX aviation and couldn't have been happier. For 0.2 AMU, you can have a detailed write up of every inspection, what's out of date, what's coming up, etc. They will point out things like an O2 bottle that needs replacing in 8 months (which wouldn't be obvious necessarily but can cost ~2.5k when you account for everything
  8. I was in the Bravo market for several months. I can tell you that although some languish, the 'good' ones are scooped up in <1 week. To your point, there are a lot of red/yellow flags to look for when diligencing a Bravo.. many of the ones that seem to sit (probably/possibly) have some of those flags when you get into the logs.
  9. Relighting this thread, does anyone happen to have Bravo performance numbers that would be readily importable to Garmin Pilot? If you only have for Foreflight, I'm happy to take that file, convert to GP, and then share back out to Garmin users! One thing's for sure, I won't be using the POH numbers as I'd like my engine to last longer than 300 hours :D.
  10. Thank you and I have been using the search feature heavily :0. Is it 'safe' to tow/winch the plane from the aft tie down point? I actually used to do this with my amphib because it had no other tow points, so have all the gear to do it!
  11. Hi all, A few questions that I have following some initial flights... 1. Oil: Do you generally use Camguard/oil additive? I've never used it in the past (on an IO-360 that ran Shell 15-50W and already had the additive included) but given the Phillips 66 X/C 20W50 doesn't have that additive (I don't think), I wanted to see if yall are using it. 2. TKS: I have heard a lot about the importance of pre-flighting the TKS system and 'priming' it. Is there more to this than what is stipulated in the operating manual (i.e. more than just turning the system on as part of pre-flight and
  12. Closing the loop on this topic, we are now the proud owners of N9153Z. The experience with N611DG and Maxwell was sort of like finishing school for the pre-buy process/inspection of 53Z. We flew it back to its new 'home' in DC from North Dakota yesterday. There are a few squawks to resolve following the ~12 hrs of flight in the last couple days as you'd expect but I'll start separate threads/see what else is already documented. Thanks for all the input and messages the last month! As an aside, the team at Oasis Aero out of Willmar, MN was great to work with. We got a thorough honest insp
  13. Along the same lines, if you gut the attitude indicator, DG/HSI, and vacuum system (primary and secondary) to replace them with a single G5 backup instrument... How much weight savings are we talkin'?
  14. Thanks gents. For now, I just need to get the factory CHT 'steam' gauge into working order (as part of a purchase) but I think the 900 (although perhaps the G5 so we can gut the vacuum system will take priority..) is on our 2-year roadmap. @Skates97 let us know how the install goes!
  15. Any perspectives on the cost to upgrade from the JPI-830 to the JPI-900? I'm curious why it seems the 830 is more ubiquitous than the 900 given the 900 frees up all the original engine gauge(s) space? Is the 900 much more expensive, prone to fail, just didn't come out until after the 830, etc?
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