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  1. I will add one later, I am doing this completely with cash and the stack is being reduced quickly. Once I obtain all my ratings then I can add it. Like I said before I don't plan on getting rid of it. I'd buy into or time in a twin and keep the F model just because it serves everything I can think of now and for the future.
  2. Just wing leveler still, plane was completely bare bones when I got it, even had a Loran from 1990 in it. Going to wait to add an AP. Flying for 10+Hrs on multiple legs It keeps me paying attention.
  3. Decided to do a G3X with EIS, G5 and new left and right panels. Might add the transponder with the price I got. Have a few weeks to decide. I still think the price I got was too good to be true compared to the rest but I’ll see how it goes and seeing others have had good luck with them here gives me confidence! Thanks for all your help!
  4. Thanks! When I get back from Sun N Fun I’ll reach out to them. Need the hours anyway!
  5. You have an avionics shop you want to PM me for a quote?
  6. I understand the profit/cost, I own a diesel specialty shop and I completely understand profit. However we usually do high volume moderate profit, not small volume huge profit. We do a lot of custom fabrication installs and wiring on systems including stand alone ECMs for diesel applications. More wiring that’s in any of these 1960s planes. Not just a repair facility. Aviation unfortunately seems like the auto body industry, lower hourly rate but large hourly charges. I can’t bring myself to pay $6500 for a panel I had made in it now through one of our contacts for $150 powder coated. The rest
  7. Well I emailed back asking to do panel, G3X with EIS and apparently you MUST run a G5 with the G3X. Price is now $40k. What shocks me the most is the 5000% markup on cutting a panel. $150 in machine work is $6500 apparently. I am price shopping a bit.
  8. I'm also under the impression I can run a single 10.6 unit for a MFD/PFD and engine information and remove the factory engine gauges correct?
  9. Thanks PJ, I already have a GTN750 so I have a 7" map. I'm under the impression from the little info Garmin has that if you had a engine parameter issue it will alert you which i then can pull it up in better view on the right am I correct? This is why I wanted to play with the unit first and I'm already leaning towards it would be a better route than a JPI and two G5s in the long run.
  10. Can you share your reason you didn't go with the EIS system with the G3X and went with the JPI?
  11. I'm looking at $22k for the JPI and G5s. $25K for the G3X so a few thousand bucks is marginal with this level of spending for me. Of course I want to do the 10.6 display not the 7".
  12. I know from reading other posts that the G3X has been discussed before, however most has been related to the upgrade itself and not in comparison to another route. At this point my F model has steam gauge 6 pack with a GL103, GTN750, no engine monitor and no ADSB weather or traffic integrated into the 750. Wing leveler only. I bought it in 2019 as it was cheaper than the flying I'd been doing in the previous club plane. I am flying about 180hrs a year. I'm going through my ratings and currently on commercial, then off for MEI or CFI depending on my mood after commercial, HA! My curre
  13. I ended up finding the issue myself. I took my volt meter and found that with the landing light on and wiggling the wire from under the panel the light would flicker. Upon removal of the cowling the old 1966 wiring had been previously repaired with a butt connector and that connector had been rubbing on the alternator which rubbed through the plastic sheathing and the crimp was shorting out on the alternator. Surprisingly this didn't trip the breaker for the landing light the entire time but made quite the spark show when wiggled. I had my A&P repair the wire and have had no more
  14. Seems to only do it when coming down from cruise or when the landing light is turned on, I’m not sure if it’s the unit since everything’s been checked out or something more simple like low voltage
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