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  1. I just had mine done at Lone Star Propeller at KMAF, $191 and they greased the hub while they were at it.
  2. Well, to make a long story shorter, on the last leg home, I had a pitot tube blockage and then lost power to a cylinder shortly after reaching my cruise altitude. However, I was able to land very quickly at a nearby airport and get the problem resolved a few hours later, which turned out to be a clogged injector. I thought I might try to go into more detail about it in a later post, as it was a serious and strenuous in-flight situation, and I feel that some of the experience and lessons I learned from it might be beneficial to others. There were definitely some takeaways from it for me a
  3. Well, after being a longtime lurker on MS, I felt like it was time to introduce myself, and share my latest 2 part Mooney adventure. I’m 26 and based out of eastern New Mexico. I have been flying for around 3 years, and after owning a Tri-Pacer for a couple years,I stepped up to a 75 M20E in December and absolutely love it. Ive managed to put nearly 100 hours on it since, and have had more than a few great flying adventures in it already, to include attending the West Coast Mooney Club’s summer conference is Oregon and landing at the pacific coast in August, as well as flying to an
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