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  1. I would like to get my A&P. I just don’t know where to find 4800 hours to do it! Theres a pretty interesting loophole I read about the other day. If you get your LIght Sport Repairman-Maintenance cert you can work on your own aircraft as well as others for hire. You can go to “work” immediately after you finish the ~2 week course. Then those hours can be logged as under supervision (supervising yourself I guess) and can count towards A&P requirements. Article here: https://www.aviatorshotline.com/content/lsa-repairman-airframe-powerplant-inspection-authorization-ap-ia
  2. I keep waiting for Bob Barker to jump out during that King/Mooney Ad. "This Showcase Mooney could be yours....if the Price is Right!"
  3. I can’t wait to “C” this in my airplane! No? Too far? Tough crowd...
  4. CRINGE! I'm so embarrassed for the author and the organization. If you're writing a letter and the phrase "I'm not asking you, I'm telling you..." comes out, it better be a letter to your ex-wife or some sort of ransom note.
  5. She flies again! I got the airplane released earlier in the week. To summarize what was done: New (overhauled) #1 cylinder (nitrided, all the others are chrome) 2x new lifters to match all of the other lifters 4x new pushrods to update clearances and have approved part numbers Replaced all the valve rocker thrust washers because what was on there was all over the place Cleaned and flow checked the injectors Wallet sufficiently emptied/wife sufficiently disgusted So I've been doing some break-in flights, just running it hard. I won't even start to brag ab
  6. I did my PPL/IR/Commercial training at a smattering of different flight schools. Usually the sleepy FBO variety with the beat to heck C172 and a part-time instructor. Now I work at an airline pilot factory where we graduate about 600 airline pilots a year....about 400 of them go straight into the right seat of various Airbuses and Boeing products when they graduate (or at least they did 6 months ago!). The biggest difference between sleepy FBO training and professional pilot training is that we're teaching them to fly profiles. It's really boring and routine because it's basically th
  7. Update....hopefully we're in the home stretch. So mechanic wanted to go through and verify that all the lifters were working. Interestingly, he found a pushrod on the #3 cylinder with no part number and a different size hole on it from all of the other push rods (that had Lycoming P/N). He checked the valve clearance and found that the #3 was zero clearance and essentially just being held open. So, swapped in a correct pushrod and voila we had compression again on #3. What doesn't make a lot of sense is why this happened all of a sudden, or just concurrently with the failure of
  8. Cam and lifters looked fine. He scoped and just looked with a mirror. His **theory** is that #3 is leaking at the exhaust valve where that carbon is built up unevenly.
  9. Captain’s Log....6 weeks AOG and still no resolution. So, if you recall, I had a dead cylinder 1 and a dead cylinder 3. Shop did a compression check hot and I still had a dead cylinder 1 and #3 came back to life. New (Overhauled) #1 has been installed and when the mechanic did a ground run he said that it was shaking violently at idle RPM settings and then when he got up to around 1200 rpm it smoothed out. He took it back in and had no compression on #3 cylinder. Scoped the number 3 and he noted some heavy buildup of carbon under the exhaust valve but otherwise lo
  10. This is probably what will get me to upgrade to the Apple Watch 6. Although my $20 amazon pulse oximeter I wear around my neck on long flights is probably the most cost effective solution.
  11. @Parker_Woodruff does my insurance cover this?
  12. You could have one time zone on each finger & one for UTC! The ultimate aviator timekeeping solution!
  13. I have skinny wrists....and the current theme of "watches-as-wide-as-frying-pans" just doesn't work for me. But it seems like most watches are in the 42mm+ range. Even the new Submariner is 41mm. 36-40mm seems like the right case size for my arm....anything over that and I feel like people would think I'm compensating for something.
  14. Airplanes and watches. I really have found my people. My most beloved (and the least worn) are the Submariner and the Glycine Airman. Both were gifts from my Dad. He bought the Glycine in 1959 at the PX in Guam on his first assignment in the Air Force. I love the 24 hour dial and it always confuses people when they look at it and realize it’s showing the “wrong” time. The Seiko 5 is my beater. But it’s a fine budget automatic watch and keeps better time than the Rolex! I’m mostly found wearing the IWC Mark or the Apple Watch on any given day. (Especially Apple this week—as
  15. $2200 for factory new. So about $1000 less. Overhauled would seem to be the obvious choice on my “high-time” (1500 hours) engine.
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