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  1. I have the 2-blade McCauley B2D34C214 on my C model, and I can definitely hear and feel the cowl flaps open. I have the LASAR 201 cowling. There isn't really a trail setting, its just open or closed.
  2. I was in this same boat in March-June of this year. I was trying to stay under $75k. It's very difficult to find a clean airplane. Finding one that has the right mix of avionics, engine time, damage history, and aesthetics is straight up unicorn hunting. So, first lesson: The perfect airplane doesn't exist. You're going to compromise on something. (For me it was slightly higher engine time than I wanted, and no modern autopilot....I at least have an autopilot (Brittain with altitude hold, which a lot of people here would probably love to have) but it's a little archaic. Second lesson
  3. Agree on the lowest point theory. I’ll watch it and verify where it’s leaking from now that I cleaned it up a little. As far as mushy it’s hard to say. They are definitely softer than the 2020 Archer I flew earlier this week. But they’re about the same as they’ve been since I’ve owned the airplane. Previous owner had the flap pump overhauled at annual in May. (Lasar did the overhaul, local shop did the install) so I have no confidence as to whether they bled the system properly or what my brakes “should” feel like.
  4. Thread resurrection... Am I having the same issue as above? I have the tiniest leak and it appears to be coming from the bleeder. In about a week I have about a one inch spot of brake fluid on the ground. I took a picture after wiping the little zerk. But before I did it had a tiny little sphere of 5606 hanging right off the tip. So I think it’s leaking from there.
  5. Are you wanting to rent it out to solo? Or use it for dual training? Seems like insurance is going to be the limiting factor in renting out for solo renters... As far as training, in$urance is probably going to be the limiting factor here too. But in the age of Technologically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) there are no ratings that require any complex aircraft experience. That’s why there are 1,000 C172RG’s on the market. So other than vanity, there is no reason that someone would pay to train in an RG anything (for primary training). I guess there’s a small market of people that would be
  6. 200 seems to be normal cruise Oil temp in my C (IO-360 with 201 Lasar cowl). Did a flight review for a friend of mine with a K a couple of weeks ago and I was nervous because HE was nervous when his oil temp went over 200. mine seems to always be over 200.... I don’t know if it should but this thread makes me feel better?
  7. I’m not exactly sure. I only do FAA training. The JCAB is all sorts of crazy....you think we have it bad with our Feds....I think it has to do with glide ratio? Aviation lobbyists? Not sure. I do deal with the Indian DGCA...most Indian aviation regulations are in word documents. Not PDFs. Word documents. They will convert training in an Archer but not in a Seminole. So our Indian students do their single private and instrument in an Archer then MECPL in a DA42.
  8. I work at a big ab initio flight school. We were looking for a replacement for our aging DA40 fleet. We have a customer whose govt aviation authority doesn’t allow training in Piper products (Japan). We kicked the tires on the Cirrus. Flew it. Then we talked to some peer flight schools (big university programs mostly) that had a Cirrus. The maintenance and upkeep data they shared was way worse than the DA40. And the diamond stuff is at least 30% more expensive to maintain than a Piper Archer III. So, we still have DA40s. And a whole lot of Archers (40). The 2019 Archer TX with an ai
  9. My C has J style visors and I don’t find that they do much unless the sun is in the exactly right spot.
  10. What everybody else said....12.9 is too big. Your lap is probably the most convenient spot. I'm not a big kneeboard fan. But I do have this MyClip that I will sometimes put on. If it's bumpy it's just enough to keep the iPad from hitting you in the jaw. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0842BLLHX/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_Ogo9Eb5D423X6 I have a Mini as my primary....and an older iPad 10" as my backup.
  11. Come to think of it, I had a suspicious interaction as well. I actually reached out but then a real human had helped me out this person got a little pushy so I ignored them. Somebody call the law!
  12. Oh another question.....C2V3 on the plexiglass?
  13. For sure.....my question is more specifically about the Optima No Rinse as I will be doing that prior to the C2V3.....Is ONR really step 1? Or do I need to do any prep before the ONR?
  14. Amazon just delivered my ONR and C2V3....I have a date with the Mooney on Saturday.... I've never used ONR....will it work this easily with a reallly dirty airplane? Or do I need to do a pre-rinse? I live in the desert and right now the plane lives outside.....so 24 hours gives you a fine coating of dust...
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