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  1. Cruiser, From what I can tell the harness has ARINC IN 2 going to the transponder...makes ZERO sense to me. The G5 only has serial direct from the 400W; the rest of the inputs come from the GAD and ARINC per G5 Install Manual Figure 5-12 Dual G5 with GPS/VHF Navigator. Its evident they built the harness to that figure (per the included paperwork) and then had the weird transponder crap. I have a line on a used Garmin 330 and a 430W. Thinking of swapping my AT-150 for that and then configuring it for serial output into the 430W and then at some point when funds recover, send the 33
  2. Cruiser, Jet driven got me straight on the ground to the connector and yeah, I get that it needs the Garmin pin and then insertion into the transponder connector I don't get why its three wires, however, when RS-232 would only be one or two wires depending if its on-way or bi-directional; the ARINC makes sense because it needs two wires and two are in the bundle. Also, the 1 wire / 2 wire also matches the figures in the 430 Install Figures. Not sure what they were trying to wire for on my harness. I guess I am going to have to call them tomorrow.... Speaking of those figures...
  3. Sent you a PM.... I went to TCU, so glad to see another Fort Worth peep!
  4. Thanks Vance! I see that now if I read the 327 install manual. I also checked every pin on this harness to better understand what is going on and it also appears as if they wired the G5s for a 430W and have the connector for VOR/ILS info wired up. *le sigh* Now I am wondering I I should try and get rid of the 400W and pick up a 430W and replace my old Terra 760Ds at the same time...*double sigh* It appears as if I would only need to add 7 wires to the harness to go to a GMA 340. (which also means replacing my com panel and intercom...should have known this would not be this easy!)
  5. *facepalm* DUH. I feel like an idiot on not thinking about the multi-meter! So that answers the pin-out question and the shielded ground. I think I need to buy the pin insertion and removal tool. Since I can't find any reason to need the Annunciate E, I am thinking of moving it to Serial Channel 3 OUT so I can wire that into my JPI 700. End result would be: Channel 1 would be MapMX OUT for the G5s, Channel 2 would be Icarus-alt for the Altitude IN, and Channel 3 would be Aviation for the JPI. And out of idle curiosity, why is there an option to send Aviation data to the
  6. Hoping you smart folks can help me out with this. I am trying to do a dual G5 install to a Garmin 400W supervised by my A&P. I bought a pre-made harness from an avionics shop in FL associated with Spruce. It all seems to make sense when I reference the G5 and 400x install manuals EXCEPT the transponder tie in; they left me what you see attached (ANNUNCIATE E, XPONDER RS-232, XPONDER ARINC). So I understand that the 400W needs altitude info for VNAV approaches; that should be a signal wire into an RS-232 input. The G5 manual says to use PIN 56 to output to the G5 so that means RS-
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