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  1. Great video! Thanks for sharing. Very detailed and very informative.
  2. Fair enough. I think I lowered myself to the level of conversation in the string but I’ll be nice to M20F from here on out.
  3. I agree about the 5-10 knot arguments. One guy gets vectored for traffic and the other guy gets a direct. Speed advantage gone.
  4. There was nothing disingenuous about what I said. That’s why I gave him my exact scenario and even my dimensions so he could understand exactly where I’m coming from. Yes, my family and I are comfortable in that plane for several hours. If you have a family, you sound like the kind of guy that nobody would want to fly with. Or maybe you have a really fat wife and kids and it’s uncomfortable. If so, just say that. Now go fly your Mooney by yourself and leave the adults to have a genuine conversation about size, comfort and the value of what it is I am flying...not what you’re flying. I’m guessi
  5. “Kool-Aid drinkers”??? Kind of a dick thing to say. What kind of kool aid are you drinking if you buy a C? It’s a great airplane and a great value.
  6. Welcome KJC, Former Army aviator fixed/rotor. I love my 67 C. My kids are a little smaller 5&1. We primarily travel the southeast and I use the plane to commute to work. Very efficient. Also fun around the pattern and local area. Airplane expenses creep up on you quickly and the affordable C model helps you keep that in check. You’re going to want to upgrade any plane you buy...guaranteed. So be ready to spend a little on your first annual as your IA gets to know your plane and then you’ll want to consider adding options like GPS, AP, engine monitor, digital AI, shoulder harnesses, et
  7. Agreed. Who’s ready for an Atlantic crossing? I’ve got lead!
  8. I think they’re kinda cool. True it didn’t add any performance or capability but when did that stop us from buying cool looking machines? ;-)
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