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  1. A couple of months ago a Mooney was on Ebay for $9999. The only thing wrong with it was a corroded wing spar. Great parts plane, I thought, if only there were a complete set of wings available, and of course, the time and logistics. The plane sold in about 24 hours.
  2. I used a second mortgage as I had one already. It functions like an overdraft on my checking account, if I need one. The interest is tax deductible and the interest rate is 3.99%. I paid it off early and it was another feather in my credit rating.
  3. MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN. Credit and savings $$$ for having a private pilot license in advance. They have a combined flat panel VFR/IFR integrated curriculum. Their fleet is mostly Diamonds. Some kids come to Millington, TN and join the Civil Air Patrol which entitles them to join the Navy Flying Club to rent the planes at $90 per hour wet and get Private instruction.
  4. The problem with the Wankel design was it was basically a triangle with three sharp tips which were subject to wear, resulting in burning oil with the telltale blue smoke. The nice thing about the Wankel was that each rotor was an individual engine, providing power if one of the others failed. Also, the RPM was limited to the amount of heat that could be dissipated, making temporary increases of power beyond the engine constant output rating possible.
  5. The Chief of my division in the Navy was fond of saying to a new sailor: Had a wife with one, leg, "Peg", I said. Had girlfriend with one leg shorter than the other, "Eileen", my queen.
  6. Inverse wankel design. Hybrid electric/JP8 engine. Engine is about one third the size of an equivalent piston engine and has substantially fewer moving parts.
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