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  1. Do you think that would be the same switch under the belly? Basically the limit switch? I’ll attach the video. I’d have to double check the governer hours. I just called the shop that just worked on it and they said they couldn’t find anything wrong. But I’d assume there’s not much else to blame except the governer...? IMG_0017.MOV
  2. Alright new owner here. 1970 M20C with electric gear. After landing with gear down green and green indicated on the floorboard, I keep getting an intermittent horn during taxi. The gear down green light flickers on and off intermittently and when the light blinks off the horn sounds. It’s very intermittent so it’s been difficult to reproduce. I did pull the bottom panel off and mechanic and I cleaned the contacts on the limit switch but it hasn’t fixed it. Looking for any advice on that. Second thing I’d like to ask is after taking off the prop is having a hard time maintaining a con
  3. I’m located at F70. Newish private pilot no other ratings yet.
  4. Thanks everyone for all the input. You all are very helpful for someone just stepping into the ownership aspect of aviation.
  5. Thanks for the info. That’s a good call and I will ask him to perform that. He would have to pull the cylinder for that? Or would he be able to do it while still attached to the motor? It was supposed to start as just a PPI and maybe turn into an annual but he is finding a lot of things and that he would call “unairworthy” in his opinion that other A&P and general common sense would say otherwise. That’s why I decided to ask I was starting to get the feeling I was maybe getting taken for a ride or something... thanks!
  6. Hey guys need some assistance here. I am in the process of a prebuy on a 1970 M20C. During the prebuy the cylinder was borescoped and I was told there was a crack (see attached pics). I went to get a second opinion and 2 other A&P's say this isn't a crack and wouldn't worry about it. These are 2 pictures of the cylinder. He said he took the picture (attachment 1) and then cleaned inside and took the next picture (attachment 2) and can still see a mark. The compressions were in the 70's and there are no other signs/symptoms of a bad cylinder. So the question is - is this something tha
  7. Thanks for all the input. Would the “light blue stain” be enough of a factor to offer a lower amount? From what I’ve read it seems a lot of mooneys have some small leaks without it being a big issue. Thanks again! Josh
  8. Hi so I’m new around here and I’m looking to purchase my first plane and I really like the Mooney for my mission/budget. Anyways I came across one and I was hoping to get some thoughts. https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Single+Engine+Piston&make=MOONEY&model=M20C+RANGER&listing_id=2379245&s-type=aircraft They’re asking $49,000. It seems to be a little higher than other M20’s but it does have a lot of avionic upgrades. They sellers state there is some “Light blue staining” but no smell of fuel and no noticeable drop in fuel quantity.
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