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  1. for our Mooney's to be airworthy? If not so, are there those that fly without one? Would make ingress and egress easier and open up access and the view to that part of the panel. Though in an emergency it might hamper the efforts of a passenger pilot... abit. No real plans to do so, the question just happened to pop into my noggin today.
  2. Welcome. I'm also a new owner, early J model, and have a legacy panel that I will be upgrading in the near(ish) future. I see you have gutted the panel. What are your plans for all that cash and more importantly, how have you decided on what to install? Good luck finishing up your ppl and with the panel upgrade. jb
  3. I'm up for a meet up this summer! And @kmyfm20s I put out some feelers, but have no favorable responses back yet.
  4. I'm over in Dillon, but I do travel there and know a few folks, I'll ask around. Love to see the Kit Fox sometime.
  5. I'm not a CFI, but I found one. Harold Dramstad M20F time. Vetter Aviation, Helena Mt. 406-443-0066 www.flyvetter.com They have a M20F renter there. $120 wet. Seems like a really good rate; is that right?
  6. I don't have access to the logs yet, so I asked the seller. He didn't know. I respectfully turn to the oracles of all that is Mooney!
  7. At first I'm thinking: that prop sure need a rebuild, he's got oil streaks everywhere. But wait, they are going the wrong way!? .... Must be a full feathering prop and those streaks come from backing into a tie down. Can't fool me
  8. I saw the 300 today. That thing is so slick it makes our Mooneys look like flying boxcars. And Yes Randy certainly knows his stuff. I'm gonna do some reacquaintance work with him before I start transition... to my new 201!!! (i'm so excited)
  9. Weed, I grow weed. In interest of full disclosure.
  10. With the help of some MSrs, I signed up for this beauty on Wednesday. She has to pass her physical next Friday and I have to come up with the scratch. @gsxrpilot and friend were sooo giving of their time and expertise. I only hope I can pay it forward. There's so much that I and the plane need. If ya look at that completed that list it will make you turn to drink. But I do have one important question; should I go for the leather flight jacket or the Captain's hat with epaulets look?
  11. Hello all, Old rusty vfr pilot ready to go flying again. And since have been in love with Mooneys since I first flew one oh say 25 years ago, I figure this is the place for me. I'm now looking for a model C-J. Something I can get into and possibly out of without having too much at stake. I have secured a hanger (no easy feat) and am ready for the plane. I have been lurking here for about 2 years so I feel I have gained a good bit of knowledge, but no experience. One should not confuse the two. I'll be using the plane a bit for business (I own the company so no one can holle
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