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  1. Instruments for Sale from recent panel upgrade all in working condition with no issues. Sigma-Tek Attitude Indicator - $200 Fuel/Manifold Pressure - $100 Instrument Cluster - $100 Exhaust Temperature - $50 Digital Tachometer - $200 Or make an offer. I will include free shipping to US. Thanks!
  2. Finished the 1,000NM Caribbean crossing last week to deliver N9689M to Sarasota Avionics. I was delayed a week due to Hurricane Eta. The flight was smooth cruising at 12,500 other than the constant headwind. One fuel stop in Exuma, Bahamas and a quick turn to Sarasota, Florida. Covid flying logistics (customs, testing, fuel) in the Caribbean have not made these long distance flights easy. Sarasota Avionics was quick on performing surgery on the panel and it hurts to look at the pictures but I know it will be worth it. I will be installing dual Garmin G5's integrated to STEC 30. Dual EI CGR
  3. Gentlemen, I wanted to share this new video with the Mooneyspace community. The video is from FLY8MA.com a flight training company that I have been affiliated with. The video analyzes a 1981 Mooney M20K crash on takeoff that occurred on April 21, 2016. The 1981 Mooney M20K was determined to be over gross weight, not making takeoff power RPM, and taking off from a 2,000 foot runway. I don't know how many of you have heard of this incident or seen this video but what my friend Jon Kotwicki of FLY8MA.com recently posted is not meant to Monday morning quarterback the pilot. It is merely to examin
  4. @rbridges it takes around 45-55 seconds because it has a load rating of 60 pounds on the jack screw.
  5. Today my buddy and I knocked out the Flight Enhancements electric step conversion kit. I am having a dual Garmin G5 install completed soon and removing the vacuum system so I needed the electric kit since I won't be having the pneumatic pump anymore in the back to pull my step. The install took around 4-5 hours and was fairly straight forward. I still have to safety wire the turnbuckle and attach power to the battery bus tomorrow. Tested on the ground with a 12v battery and it worked like a champ. Pretty cool little device for the price and for what it does.
  6. After waiting several months trying to locate a new Air Induction Coupling part # 600064 I finally replaced mine today with a new one. The old Aerotech part was discovered at annual falling to pieces and made me nervous for the health of my engine. I tried to repair it the best I could at Annual but I still was not happy with the results. I contacted a friend of mine at Sarasota Avionics Maintenance, a Mooney Service Center in Venice, Florida and he happened to have one on the shelf. I couldn't believe it...I know these things are very hard to acquire and I immediately purchased it. I have tri
  7. I bought the CGR-30P and CGR-30C combo package when CIES was running the Sun n Fun sale this year. The combo package gave me a $800 rebate for the purchase. The CGR-30C installed to the right of the panel will be dedicated as a dedicated Fuel Management and Flight Planning gauge more so than anything. I do a lot of island flying and wanted a solid Fuel Gauge paired with the CIES fuel senders. The photo was just of the stock CGR-30P I have attached what it will look like. It also provides a dedicated remote Annunciation panel which I thought was a cool addition for better situational awareness.
  8. Beautiful airplane and panel, thanks for posting. I am having the install done at Sarasota Avionics, I hope they should know what they are doing. I have been looking at mygoflight ipad mount instead that way I can keep the right panel clean. Will let you guys know. Thanks!
  9. Bob, Thanks for the very informative reply. I look forward to flying with the upgrades. I have been looking at the flightstream and was also considering it. Will post when install is complete. Thanks again!
  10. The quote for the GI275 install was almost $6,000 more than the dual G5's. I would rather save that money.
  11. Hey guys finally pulled the trigger and booked the date for the panel upgrade at the end of November. Decided to go with the Dual Garmin G5 install, CGR 30-P, CGR 30-C, Cies Fuel Senders, and a nice Ipad Mini dash mount from Guardian. Looking forward to removing the vacuum system and having the ability to have accurate fuel readings and a solid engine management system. Also looking forward to having the G5's pair with the STEC 30 for GPSS steering. Has anyone had a similar setup done and what are your thoughts so far? I was playing at home and putting in images to compare the cockpit befo
  12. I just balanced my Hartzell two blade prop at annual using the DynaVibe system. It took probably 5-6 hours to do taking the spinner off and on and adjusting weights accordingly. The prop was removed for annual to replace the generator belt. The original reading on 1st test run was 0.43 IPS by the sixth test run we got it down to 0.01 IPS. What a major difference in smoothness at cruise power. I would recommend the DynaVibe system to anyone wanting to balance there own prop.
  13. Caribbean Mooney Pilot


    Caribbean Adventures with N9689M
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