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  1. While as a new (in a few months) pilot I should not be concerned with speed, thus the concept of keeping it around 50-50% cruise, 1:18 minutes to Nashville vs 1:51 in a Cessna does make a difference...it just does.
  2. It's worth springing for a long body if it gives us even 1" additional room behind the seat. It is highly likely that 95% of my anticipated missions will be 375lb in the front and a 235nm leg at the absolute maximum. Using the first weight/balance calculator that google presented I would/could have 70 gallons of fuel including reserves, and according to Foreflight I would use 26 gallons for that leg. I would expect to keep it at or around 55% for economy and to limit speed for the foreseeable future. It's certainly doable, or looks so on the surface. Good stuff! 34-35" inseam by the
  3. Rick you showed me once, and it was truly a non-issue to get in and out. I hear about the difficulty all the time but my EXTREMELY limited but very recent experience did not reflect that. Ya just get in or out. I wouldnt want that situation as a UPS driver but in a aircraft...zero concern on my part.
  4. All, Thank you for all of the replies! I am digging through it. I absolutly fit from a height perspective, perhaps better than any other GA plane that I have sat in. It will be tight shoulder wise flying with my brother who is 6'6" and 270 with a 36" waist, but we can stagger as well. I realize with use in the front the back seat is for holding a jacket only. I would have thought that a mid body would limit the rear seat legroom vs a long body. Nothing is off the table. I am down to an older Cirrus SR22, Mooney, or Cherokee 6xt (for the most part) as of this time. A 206/210
  5. HA! Using a phone to originate an account and first post while napping got me again:) Please do not let this example reflect your opinion of my attention to detalaiza or speckling.
  6. Thanks everyone! Rick i will take you up on that! Name your bribe:) I will text you in the am.
  7. Good afternoon. I am considering buying a newer Mooney but REALLY want to sit in one for a second to see how I fit and how much room I would have behind the left seat. I am 6.5” tall. Does anyone know of an owner in the St. Louis area that may have a long body that i can bribe to let me sit in one? Thanks in advance. Robert
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