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  1. Well the battery in my M20K has seen better days. It's time for a new one after needing a jump at an airport without services... Not much fun. What's your favorite battery for this plane? I've seen a lot of people carrying around portable jumpers and I really like the idea of a backup, but I haven't found 1 that has enough power to turn over an M20K engine. Does anyone have a portable jumper box that they like or a suggestion for a unit that has the power required to start a flooded hot engine? Does anyone know the peak amperage that the starter draws when running?
  2. Thank you for all the info, you all know your Mooney's very well. This is an M20K (no clue how you knew it was a J/K from the pics I posted) and I was with my mechanic first thing in the morning talking to him about it. My mechanic in SMO has been working on this plane for the last 12 months, so he and his whole shop know it inside and out. The only damage this plane has ever had was when a line guy over rotated the nose gear during pushing (not at SMO) my mechanic was quick to move the trim from stop to stop and didn't have any concerns. I just put a new engine in it and my instructor and I have put 30 hours on it in the last week, we never felt any indication of a problem. I believe it is a moulding problem, you guy guys called it all, it looks like the last time it was painting, the moulding may have been loose and it glued it in the wrong position, I am going to replace that and get to the bottom of this
  3. Carusoam, I don't have any idea when this might have happened, I bought the plane last year and I spent a full year overhauling literally everything on it. I noticed this during my preflight inspection. The wear appears to be newish... I have only put 20 hours on it since finishing the overhaul and haven't don't anything that would have caused that. Is this what it would look like if someone overturned the nose gear when pushing it into a tie down?
  4. Your very perceptive, the plastic is farther from the rivet line on the right, I will see if it can be moved tomorrow. But it still seems like it's tighter than that would make it.
  5. Yes, sorry my horizontal stabilizer, and yes some of it wasn't painted, but it is definitely making contact up there by the leading edge and is pushing together with some force, causing a little wear, I can measure the gap on the left stabilizer ( the second 2 photos) but the right, it is very tight. I will get more photos of it tomorrow. I
  6. I noticed that my elevator is rubbing my empennage pretty badly. It looks off center. Almost like it is torqued to the left. When I move my trim up and down, the right elevator scrapes agents the empennage. Does anyone know if this is something to be concerned about? If nothing else, it seems like it will wear the surface down over time. It is so tight on the right side that I can't get a piece of paper between them, very tight on the right, but a good sized gap on the left. Any input will be really appreciated, the first 2 photos are of the right side, you can see it is wearing the paint away as the trim is adjusted, the second 2 photos are of the left side, you can see the gap.
  7. Hahaha, thank you, it's been a fun and trying project to get it to where it is. I'm over there almost every day, definitely stop by and say hi if you see me by it, I'm looking forward to meeting other Mooney owners!
  8. R-Banger, yeah, it is that Mooney, are you at KSMO? I've been flying it for about a week with a pretty good instructor I know, and I'm almost done with the transition, but I still plan on flying it with a couple other people to get all the different perspectives on this plane.
  9. Hi everyone, last year I bought an M20K and started overhauling everything on it, and this week it's going to be ready to fly again. Does anyone know an instructor in the LA area that I can get a high performance endorsement from and do a Mooney transition with?
  10. Hi everyone, last year I bought an M20K and started overhauling everything on it, this week it's finally done!!! Does anyone know an instructor in the LA area that I can get a high performance endorsement from and do this transition with?
  11. Thanks David, I am leaning towards giving it a shot, I'll let you all know if I end up pulling the trigger on it
  12. It definitely gives me a good place to start from Thank you
  13. Hi everyone, I lost my seats and need new ones, please help. I am in California and all of the "non-essential businesses" have shut down. In January I sent my seats (front and rear) out to be reupholstered, and now the business that has them is shut down. I found some seats for a 1969 M20E and am considering buying them and using them until things calm down and go back to normal. I tried to reach out to Mooney a few times, but have had no luck with a response. Does anyone know if those seats will fit my 1979 M20K or have any other suggestions about how to get flying.