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  1. Buying a 1965 Ranger equipped with a Garmin 430 (non-WAAS). Called Garmin to check on upgrading it to full WAAS...$4400, plus an antenna, cabling and labor by the installer. The nice man at Garmin Customer Service also indicated that after May 29, 2020 Garmin would no longer support the 430, only the 430W. If you have a 430, keep that in mind. To me, it looks like the industry is moving away from avionics with any VOR capability (For example, the GNC 355), so to have it available as a backup in the box seems like a plus. Starting from scratch with some old Narco radios is one thing, but to hav
  2. Good one! Only if they open a class for mature Moonies at Reno! And it would have to be one size smaller: not as much hair!
  3. Thanks, but no 3-point installations. I flew F-4s and had 30 years of Part 121. Had a 65 Mooney for three years in the 70s; no shoulder harness then but also I was bulletproof. Older and wiser now! Ed
  4. Buying a ‘65 M20C that has original lap belts only. Would like to install full shoulder harnesses (NOT the single strap). Who do you like?
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