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  1. Hey all, just wanted to pass on my experience at Paragon Aircraft Services at KCDW this week. I have been looking for a data driven, knowledgeable shop after some less than stellar experiences elsewhere to deal with some troubleshooting and small fixes to my ‘78 J. Steve at Paragon was ultra-responsive, smart, and friendly. He was able to fit me in for an Engine monitor upgrade, took care of SB 388C after reviewing engine monitor data, plus a few other lingering issues. They seemed well versed on the Mooney and gave daily email updates on the progress of the work. I’ve found that at
  2. Looks like Spruce only sells the full kit (more $) and I can get the individual part directly via McFarlane.
  3. Yup. Definitely plastic. It’s wrapped around a vacuum pump for cooling apparently.
  4. SOLVED thanks to user: Freemasm https://www.mcfarlaneaviation.com/products/category/vacuum-pump-cooling/
  5. Hey all, I found this cooling ring cracked and have been looking through the parts manual and LASARs website to try and figure out where I might be able to find a replacement. Ijust haven't found it yet. Anyone have an idea of where I can find one of these? Thanks!!!
  6. SOLD Hey all, I just pulled my FS450 for an 830 upgrade and am looking to send it on to someone else. It’s the unit only as I am using the transducer in my new setup. It’s in great shape and working perfectly when removed. $200 OBO -Matt
  7. Reviving an old thread, but does anyone have a source for all-weather mats? Not a huge fan of carpet as a floor mat. I find they tend to slide around and bunch up by the rudder pedals. I have these in my car and absolutely love them https://evannex.com/products/tesla-model-s-all-weather-floor-mats. They are trimmable and I'm tempted to buy the trunk mat and cut it to fit. The flammability issue is there and I don't have the data sheet. Anyone know if something like this exists in the aviation world?
  8. A great upgrade! I just flew it to a shop for it's big tank reseal so when I fly it back I'll get the flight test data off of it. I tried with a USB I had in my bag, but it wasn't being recognized. I'll bring a fresh formatted USB next time.
  9. Definitely have the screen on my list. Thanks. My plan is to observe the first one and learn on the second.
  10. Hey all, I've got my first oil change coming up on my J. I'm doing it at my local (Non-MSC) shop and was wondering if there are any Mooney (or non-mooney) specific items you guys like get done during that service? Obviously a Blackstone analysis is included, but just thinking other preventative items. Hope everyone has a happy and safe turkey day!
  11. I'll try an post the data when I get a chance. So far, my mech has found a frayed ignition wire on the #4 Cylinder, which is the same one that Savvy called out. Should have more info later.
  12. I haven't tried that yet! I will. I have my A&P taking a look tomorrow.
  13. Gotcha. However, I don't just taxi with it out, I taxi lean enough that i have to enrichen it to add power (just rich of rough). I've replicated the RPM drop at all mixture knob positions.
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