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  1. I took a quick look at OpenAsApp. It does not like the format of the spreadsheet. I think that is because I built the front page as a graphical user interface (GUI) already and not just raw data. It would probably work if I stripped the raw formulas out and uploaded that to be converted to an app.
  2. I just use the Excel app or Numbers on iPhone would work too. I’m sure there are other apps available. Basically you would just download it to Files on your phone, then open it with your spreadsheet app of choice
  3. You can view the equations just by clicking on the Excel cell you are interested in and then looking in the formula bar. Most of it is just lookup formulas from the table itself. carusoam, I will look into those other methods and ideas. I am still learning about the general aviation side of things. I know the POH should be taken with a grain of salt, it seems, but I am used to the aircraft -1 being the end all rule of law. So it’s hard for me to wrap my head around differing theories and concepts without a lot of evidence to support it. Otherwise it’s just an opinion
  4. gsxrpilot, that is good to know, thank you! Oof, that does sound like a good reason to not follow the turbo POH. I have not had the pleasure yet of flying a turbo though. I’m sorry, I’m not quite sure what you are asking for.
  5. Thanks! Hope it helps or at least is a good starting point for you. I agree, but again that’s just what my POH says. I had heard from a Mooney flying club that under 70% power is okay to lean that far, and a generic POH (mine is in the plane right now) says under 75% power you can use best econ settings. In practice, I have been setting a 0.5 GPH higher/richer fuel flow than what best econ says, and that has seemed to work well for me. Also, I should mention I am almost always at 65% power or less.
  6. To start off, I am a new Mooney owner and this is my first topic I have created. This calculator is just something I have been using and I thought others might think it was neat. If not, please feel free to not use it. Also, disclaimer, this is not intended to be a replacement for your POH. With that out of the way, my background is in military aviation and I was always used to having a “whiteboard” to calculate approach and stall speeds, etc. So when I moved over to general aviation, I wasn’t really satisfied with “just set this in climb and this in cruise”. Usually those being t
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