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  1. Thank you for the replies!! I didn't think so either. BUTTTTT the minute i think I know something(but don't actually know it) I usually make an expensive mistake. D
  2. The A&P that was gonna help me do this flaked. I took all day off from work to get this done tomorrow. I have secured one wing jack. Since I only have one jack any reason i cant just do one wheel at a time to change the tires? obviously i cant do the nose wheel with a wing jack. Thank in advance ye wise old, and experienced Mooney pilots Dave
  3. Thankyou for the link I appreciate it !!
  4. Thank you. I will check the tube carefully
  5. I just decided to hell with it I’m gonna replace all three tires and all three tubes. Does anybody have any suggestions of the best make and model of tires and tubes. I wanna get maximum life out of them and maximum durability. I don’t mind spending extra for the rubber underneath me if I get the value that goes with it
  6. Does anybody have any experience With a good battery tender and or auxiliary power unit for a bravo. Some of the computer updates take a long time and I am having to run the engine to keep the batteries from going down. Would also like it for the cold weather to keep the batteries in tiptop shape. Any recommendations would be appreciated. with a good battery tender and or auxiliary power unit for a bravo. Some of the computer updates take a long time and I am having to run the engine to keep the batteries from going down. Would also like it for the cold weather to keep the batterie
  7. Yeah I was mostly interested if anyone found anything that worked best, other than paint. and yes I am talking about the painted panels.
  8. Anyone have any recommendation on a good cleaning product for the interior plastic panels ?
  9. I have and I use them a lot. need to send another lean rich test to them after the GAMIs were serviced.
  10. I had my annual done at Sarasota. they replace vbands and a few other items on the turbo. They know the airplane very well. previous owner used them exclusively. The tech that did the annual has worked on the plane for the last 10+ years so I feel really comfortable with their assessment. I will begin using camguard and be more rigorous on oil changes every 25. We will see how well she does.
  11. Thank you! yeas I try not to go beyond 30-35 and shoot for 25 sometimes i can do it sometimes I cant I just got some advice to use camguard what do you think?
  12. Hello All, I am at TBO. just came out o annual and my compression are all 74 or better and visual inspection was great. Top was done 500 hrs ago. I change the Oil/filter every 35hrs and do an oil analysis every time. Everything is running perfect and I plan on going past TBO. I am looking for re-manufacture shop recommendations because I think a factory reman is out of my price range. need to get an accurate assessment of hoe many pennies i need to save up. Thanks in advance
  13. Has anyone here ever changed the shock bungees on their TLS. Wondering if it’s even allowable that we do it ourselves. I do have a BMP that would help me which I would certainly use but just wondering how hard it is.
  14. The Foreflioght team figured itnout apparently the link got scrubbed a little in the transfer through the ISPs. I have it noe ant it looks great. thank you
  15. foreflight guys are looking at it and I hope they will have an answer tomorrow. thank you for everything
  16. I have a Performance Plus subscription
  17. I have sent a feedback request to foreflight asking why we are having so much trouble. I will report back. I do have a foreflight Performance Plus subscription
  18. I am sure this has been discussed before but.... since I am having trouble locating it...... I would like to hear what the group has to say about flying approaches. Specifically I am interested in how you all enter and execute approaches. what speed at the entry fix.. what speed and configuration at the IAF and IF/IAF speed and config at the FAF....power settings to achieve good glide slope intercept. I find myself not trusting the autopilot (KFC150) G500 and GTN750 and I disconnect the AP and hand flyi it. The pitch control not being in my hands give me indigestion and
  19. Has anyone created a more realistic M20M. profile for foreflight. the available ones for the "Bravo" are labeled M20T and do not include a host of possible power settings. or is it better if I do it myself.
  20. https://apps.savvyaviation.com/my-flights/22487/67db0695-cbca-4e53-abd4-37bdef62b88a Here is the link. the flight is CYS - BOI on 6-27-202 yesterday I did a GAMI lean test and a inflight LOP mag test. I notice a few things but not sure what they mean like #3 EGT off the hook high on the left mag
  21. So is the concensus that my vibration was from a fouled plug and not say the cowl flaps? Ill try and pull the data.
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