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  1. It seems like what I said has been taken out of perspective. I have purchased two planes, a Mooney and a Cirrus. Both used. The Mooney we agreed on a price and I took it to a pre-buy, had a list of 15 squawks, none of which grounded the plane but one of which (the exhaust SB) I felt should be done. And the #2 VOR was out. He offered to pay for he #2 VOR and I agreed to take care of the SB out of pocket. The Cirrus I am buying currently with Steve, who has been on this forum, and the list was quite extensive as the plane was flown under a lease back arrangement and saw little in the way of TLC apparently. None of the issues were show stoppers but there were a lot. We got a quote to get all the work done to bring the plane up to a "new-used" plane standard and we agreed with the owner to split it down the middle. The total, including 4 airworthiness items, was $7500 and we agreed to pick up half each. I mean, if someone tells you he's selling a 2-3 year old car in great shape and you show up and the headliner is hanging down and the the leather seats are ripped, you might want to take that into account even if you had already asked him if he'd take less than the listed price. Noone is obliged to sell, and noone is obliged to buy. This is definately case-by-case. When I sell a car, boat, or plane, I'm just always as up-front as can be as to what kind of condition I think it's in and give them the squawk list up front, but most sellers don't.
  2. There is a lot of difference between a pre-buy and an annual. Pre-buy will catch all kinds of stuff that will not be included in annual. They will look for the obvious airworthiness stuff but you will get a complete report, such as: -Broken buttons on the avionics -Seat tears or worn carpet, stains on the headliner, worn door seals, just a myriad of little details and annual would never deal with. It's worth the cost and gives you a lot to negotiate when you go to close the deal.... Definately worth the cost to get another pair of (trained) eyes on the airplane.
  3. That's my guess too, it's interesting because of sipping the Jet-A here in Brazil. The Acclaim does everything i want it to do but carry 4 people and fuel....but that AvGas here is $7,50 at the moment and does nothing but get more expensive. Jet-A can be had for less than half of that and 9 gph > 16-17 gph...(or 14,5 if I slow it down) But as my dad once told me when I wanted to swap out my 4x4 truck for effeciency purposes after I got a job travelling "Do you know how much fuel you can buy for $1mm???"
  4. My dad has a C-414A and he looked at the EGT gauge when I pulled up the engine screen and nearly fainted. I told him that was normal... I am pulling back the RPM in flight due to the Mike Busch school of thought, I did get the TSIO-550G Engine Installation and Operation Manual and it shows the cruise range from 2500 down to 2100 RPM allowing up to 30.5" at any of those settings. I am currently running most of the time at 30.5" - 2200 RPM - LOP and getting arnd 190kts +/- with 14.4gph...the cylinders are real, real cool there though. In the POH they say to keep cylinders above 300 and at that setting they'll be right at or slightly below at cruise altitude. This is when I'm going far and don't want to stop. (In Brazil my average mission is several 200nm legs after one initial 860nm leg that I need to pull back the power to make without stopping) ... the short legs I just leave the power in and pull the mixture back and run around 200kts on the shorter legs when I don't need to conserve fuel.
  5. @MBDiagoMan ... that is awesome. I grew up in Lone Star and Daingerfield before moving to Longview. Used to have to go over to Mount Pleasant all the time to get tractor parts. Great place. Enjoy the plane! It is made to go places.
  6. If you need help with shipping let me know. We ship to Germany product out of Texas all the time in containers, we can get a container to you if need be, most likely a lot cheaper than a drop shipper or seller will be able to do it. -Benton
  7. Thanks for the feedback @exM20K .. that looks like my bird too. I have not found a setting in the POH that yields what it says. Mostly the fuel flows are too high for Best Economy. If I run there I'm at or very close to peak EGT. I have to pull the red knob back to get it leaned and all the BE settings are 2-3 gallons lower at TIT -50 than what the POH shows, which obviously is giving up the ponies so it's not going to make the speed they have on there but she runs like a top. How many hours do you have on yours now? Mine got two new cylinders at 650hrs buthe compressions are all good accross the board now and the guy I bought it from was running it ROP 30.5" - 2500rpm all the time. I think leaning it and bringing the RPM back a bit will help cylinder life, too.
  8. @exM20K looking at your picture, the only difference with my Acclaim is that the #1 EGT is consistently 50-75d lower than the rest of the EGTs. I'm taking it this week for a 100hr and I'm going to have them look at it. The CHT sensor has a problem too, it is all over the place. My question, however, is with respect to your EGTs in your Acclaim. Are those figures in the picture about what you run after leaning or are you in the process there? During cruise, I'm dialing it back to about 75% power and getting CHTs stay just north of 300 for the most part, which is actually on the chilly side, and my EGTs are in the 1640-1650 range, is that where yours stay during cruise? What about CHTs? Is low 300s about right in cruise? I'm usually about 16000-18000'. I usually file for 21k or 22k but so far they have never given it to me.
  9. Great quote. My original CFI told me the same thing, he was ex-Navy and came with a gruff countenance, little chit-chat (for a pilot, anyway), and a lot of solid knowledge imparted through the measured use of one-liners. I (me being 16 at the time and thinking $100 was a LOT of money to spend on sunglasses) asked him one day if I should spend the money and get Ray-Bans or just keep using my WalMart el-cheapos that I had used up until that time. He looked at me with a little frown and said "You only get one pair of eyes, son". That was it, end of conversation.
  10. Deb, I keep coming back to this thread. I am in a non-WAAS (there are no WAAS approaches in Brazil) Acclaim that has the 0401.30 software. So to do the data logging on my Mooney I would have to upgrade it to WAAS? That's a bummer.
  11. Alex, I have enjoyed reading through the thread.... Don't know you but admire your spunk. Wish you all the best, bud.
  12. That's it...after talking to Deb and reading through all this I went and tested. The gauges show 44,5 (let's call it 45) full....they work their way down, when the fuel totalizer get's to about 40g left, it starts matching the gauges, before this the gauges show less than the totalizer. I landed with about 35g left and everything matched up, the fuel totalizer on the G1000, the G1000 fuel gauges, and the physical when I checked. So it takes off with 102 gallons and the G1000 will keep track of it (as long as you reset the fuel ... ) 102g full leaves me enough UL for me and the wifey....pretty much exactly. With 130g it would be me and MAYBE enough UL left over for a can of coke or a stick of gum...
  13. I am playing with this now, will get some pictures but when landing my No. 2 EGT Goes over 1700 on a normal basis. On a 4.5 hr flight yesterday I was playing with it and runs great LOP but the 2 EGT worries me while leaning. The TIT never gets to 1700, it tops out about 1670 or so it the EGTs go right through on the No. 2 .... once I get it leaned and smoothed our it comes down to about 1670 or so, but is it ok running it there for extended periods? I have read the same that you can’t get EGT hot enough to hurt anything but that seems pretty warm.