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  1. I'm overwhelmed by the offers of help from you all. Thank you so much. I've got what I need for now...but I may be back with more questions later.
  2. Just came home with new-to-me 1986 M20K 252. The accompanying POH has had a rough life and is literally falling apart. Does anyone have an electronic version they can send? Did not see anything in the Downloads section. TIA
  3. Thanks for the info. We have pills too. He is much more chill on our 7-hour car trips. We stop every 1-2 hours. The plane ride will be 2.5 hours. I think we'll experiment flying around the pattern first.
  4. I'm interested as well. My dog is only 12 pounds but has a mind of his own and I can't imagine any type of hearing protection that he would be willing to keep on. He is a very experienced car traveler, doesn't really like it, but would rather come with us than stay at home. I've been reluctant to take him in the plane without ear protection. Also, where does the dog ride? Does everyone crate them? I don't think he will be a fan of that either.
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