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  1. Yes, we were parked near other airplanes, but I don't think it was STD because we were socially distancing...we're the third one at the end.
  2. Just noticed this after the last flight, after only 45 minutes in the air. It's a yellow discharge from the breather hose. Does not seem to have an odor. This is on a 1987 M20K 252 just out of annual after many years of neglect, flying regularly now. No other noticeable issues. Any ideas?
  3. Our test flight was short lived. We barely got to taxi out to the ramp, ran up the engine, and that was the end of that, so we came back in. He was not having any of it. Seems like he could not tolerate the noise, or maybe the vibration, just kept trying to get far away from it, making himself crazy. He's not all that excited about riding in the car either, but he tolerates it, more so if we give him drugs. We may bring him back out to the hanger again one day and see if he freaks out, if seems calm then may try to taxi again, but not anytime soon. I see these pictures of all your dogs sleepin
  4. There it is! Yes thank you. If you are open to parting with the August 2010 issue, I would be interested in having it. I had saved all of my MAPA Logs from the 1990's until recently, and spring cleaning got the best of me, then of course we got N252YL, after I had thrown them all away. I would be happy to send you money for postage, I can drop a check in the mail to you, or I have a Venmo account and there are others if you are set up.
  5. Darn if I didn't throw away all of my old MAPA Logs a few years ago, only to wish I still had that library. I'm looking for someone who has not done their Spring cleaning and might have a copy laying around. I'm looking for 3 specific issues: August 2010, August 2011, August 2012. Please message me if you might have these on your shelf collecting dust.
  6. I'm overwhelmed by the offers of help from you all. Thank you so much. I've got what I need for now...but I may be back with more questions later.
  7. Just came home with new-to-me 1986 M20K 252. The accompanying POH has had a rough life and is literally falling apart. Does anyone have an electronic version they can send? Did not see anything in the Downloads section. TIA
  8. Thanks for the info. We have pills too. He is much more chill on our 7-hour car trips. We stop every 1-2 hours. The plane ride will be 2.5 hours. I think we'll experiment flying around the pattern first.
  9. I'm interested as well. My dog is only 12 pounds but has a mind of his own and I can't imagine any type of hearing protection that he would be willing to keep on. He is a very experienced car traveler, doesn't really like it, but would rather come with us than stay at home. I've been reluctant to take him in the plane without ear protection. Also, where does the dog ride? Does everyone crate them? I don't think he will be a fan of that either.
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