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  1. In my quest to find the perfect Mooney for my mission I thought the choice between carb and fi was not even a consideration but now I question myself. So my mission does not require I squeeze every possible knot out of an airplane so 200 hp vs 180 hp in a short body is not a concern. The thought of no carb ice is nice but then I read that FI was more susceptible to vapor lock. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each fuel delivery method?
  2. I want to join a Mooney group on FB and it asks what TCS stands for and what is unique about a Mooney Master. I know neither... Hence I want to join a group to learn. Can someone please educate this c172 driver who wants to step up to a Mooney?
  3. So if I plan for 130, I won't be disappointed.
  4. For those who own a M20G what is a honest TAS you can count on? Book says 147 but books sometimes lies. All things being equal, can you plan 140 at 75%? what is your preferred MAP/RPM and why. Thank you for the free education I get from mooneyspace. -Tony
  5. I'm still shopping for a plane but this is what I gather from my Mooney research: Pro's - You will never squeeze more from a gallon of 100LL out of certified GA plane than a 4 banger Mooney. Despite the internet keyboard warriors, they are not that small inside. My flight school had me sit in their 150 and that is a small plane. The Mooney is shorter and the door is a little tighter to get into but by no means are they smaller than the average flight school Cessna or Piper Mooney have great support and parts availability. Con's- Not for the Ham Fisted C
  6. I live in Middlefield. Near Powder Ridge. I was flying (training) out of 4B9 (Simsbury) until COVID hit. Then my company had me working from home. 4B9 was 6 miles from my office so I was training during lunch. Not exactly a Mooney runway. I will most likely hanger a plane at KMMK (Meriden) or KHFD (Brainard). My friend flies out of Oxford, he is a Sovereign driver. LMK if you ever want someone working the radios/checklists and splitting fuel cost on your next $100 hamburger run. I would love to see the inside of a Mooney. I only have Piper 180 and C172 time.
  7. Is this plane still available? I live in CT and would like to discuss. My hours are low as I'm still a student but this where I want to be for my forever plane.
  8. Hey Glen you take amazing pictures. I love looking at airplanes through your lense.
  9. I'm not a mooney owner but plan to be one day. Here is what I envision doing one day if I get a J bar mooney. A green sticker 1/2 the length of the J-bar handle on the side that says OK TO LAND and on the console where the J-bar would cover a red sticker saying " DO NOT LAND" A $10 solution that can't hurt. Patent Pending my only caveat is if you make one you need to send me one too Free idea to MooneySpace members.
  10. Hi Matt, Nice plane. I was training out of 4B9 (Simsbury) when COVID hit. Too bad that Flying Monkey is no longer at your field. I'm in Middlefield so once I get a plane I'm trying to find a spot for it. KMMK doesn't have hanger space. KHFD is nice but pricey. I like Goodspeed too, but no fuel so every trip will have to start or end at KKMK. I would love to see a Mooney in person if you are willing. The only planes I've been in have been a coupe of 172's and a Cherokee.
  11. That is a beautiful plane. The interior is world-class. That plane was loved. If I were in the market for a K that would be the one. I have seen many planes listed but that is in the top 5%.
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