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  1. I'm looking at some avionics panel changes. I have a GTN750. I would like input from fellow aviators on the pros and cons of panel mount vs remote audio panels. thanks to everyone in advance.
  2. Any recommendations for a simple wx corrections altitude app?
  3. Looks to be quite pricey compared to the 30C or am I wrong?
  4. Wanted to buy: Used Electronics International Inc. - CGR-30C Engine guage replacement. Allows removal of old engine instruments such as oil temperature/pressure, fuel pressure, and fuel level.
  5. Wanted: To buy a Garmin GMA-350C Digital Audio Panel with Bluetooth or trade my Garmin GMA-350 for a GMA-350C.
  6. Looking for a Garmin GMA-350C. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. i'm looking for a Garmin GMA-350C audio panel.