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  1. Consider EpicAero out of Midland-Odessa. Their group will travel for pre-buys and have helped with two of mine. I had annuals done with Don Maxwell and all other items throughout the year done by EpicAero. I believe Floris Flight Services does the same thing with their Mooney.
  2. 1987 M20J 205: Yesterday at 8500' MSL, 12degree Celsius at altitude, WOT, and 2500 RPM I saw 161kts TAS. I typically see between 158-162kts TAS in cruise and I have seen 164kts on 1-2 occasions. Seems fast to what most report but it's a solid plane. This is with a 500hr engine and 3-blade Hartzell top prop.
  3. @Matt M our family is in a similar situation. Up until recently, I always had them both in their lightweight, airplane designated car seats but have more recently began putting both my 5yo and 3yo both boosters with the shoulder harness WHEN my wife is flying with us. If it is just me, my 3yo stays in a carseat and my 5yo in a booster to give me one less distraction/concern in case my 3yo tried to get out. Also, consider this, In an emergency and/or off field landing, would you rather have them in the carseat or booster? The carseat will probably provide superior protection on impact but be more difficult to get them out incase of a post-accident fire, or other need to get them out quickly. That said, I see pro's and con's in each choice.
  4. Link to a A508 LED replacement Option below: https://www.aero-lites.com/product-page/whelen-a508-led-replacement-360-degree-beam-preorder-ships-august-18
  5. Attached you’ll find the housing for my 1987 J. It’s labeled TP20 instead of TP39 like one of yours. Hope this helps. I believe some others have made the Aerolite A508 LED work with this housing so for $56 bucks might be worth the try..
  6. I’d be looking at a similar upgrade path, as I’m flying behind the KAP 150 now.
  7. I do have the EA 100 for the Aspen to drive the AP. Here’s two pics that will give a better idea of my current setup. I would like to remove the vacuum system when I do the panel upgrades.
  8. @1964-M20EI agree. The integration of the Avidyne 540 and KAP 150 A/P was my consideration for the AeroVue.
  9. Thanks @carusoam. I wouldn't want my plane to be the test-subject for the AeroVue due to the unknowns. Sounds like no Mooney owners have taken this route with their upgrades - and probably for good reason. My initial plan was to upgrade the the Aspen 1000 PFD to the Aspen 2000/2500 Max System, which provides complete redundancy to the PFD in the event of failure, and even further possibly add a Garmin G5 for another back-up to the PFD and MFD. I've read about the numerous problems that others have had with their Aspens but after 1+ year and 150+ hours of flying behind mine I've had 0 problems and 0 resets in flight. The BK AeroVue appears to be the other option that would work with my Avidyne 540 and KAP 150 AP, which I'm happy with.... just in a single, larger display than the Aspen setup.
  10. Does Dynon have a certified autopilot to be used with their displays? I don’t believe the BK KAP 150 (my current AP) is compatible/STC’d.
  11. I don't believe the STC allows it to interface with the Avidyne 540 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM. If it does, I'm sure someone will chime in.
  12. Tried the search function and didn't find much luck with anyone installing the BendixKing AeroVue Touch PFD in their plane. Here's a link to the display: https://www.bendixking.com/en/products/ifd/integrated-flight-decks/aerovue-touch I'm currently flying behind an Avidyne 540 FMS/GPS, Avidyne MLB 100 for Traffic and Weather (ADSB-in), and an Aspen 1000 PFD linked to the original KAP 150 Autopilot.I love the Avidyne 540 and am committed to sticking with it. That said, it appears the Garmin Displays such as the G3X aren't a choice, and my best options would be an upgrade to the Aspen 2000/2500 Max or the Bendix King AeroVue Touch shown above. That said, has anyone installed the AeroVue Touch and/or flown any Mooney's with it installed? Thoughts? Pros/Cons? Thanks!
  13. I leave mine folded since it aligns with the rest of the baggage area. Pic attached. Does yours not lay flat?
  14. I'm in if the date(s) align. Ideally on a Saturday since I'd plan to fly in from TX.
  15. Good advice. I'm in Texas so if I go the leather route, I'll make sure it's perforated.
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