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  1. I leave mine folded since it aligns with the rest of the baggage area. Pic attached. Does yours not lay flat?
  2. I'm in if the date(s) align. Ideally on a Saturday since I'd plan to fly in from TX.
  3. Good advice. I'm in Texas so if I go the leather route, I'll make sure it's perforated.
  4. I've had my plane a year now and took it to Maxwell for it's first annual under my ownership. While there, they were able to take the 1987 original, cracked, and yellowed plastic side panels and wrap them in 3 different colors of ultra leather to match my 3 colors on the exterior. They also sent the glare shield and yokes off to Aerocomfort and had them wrapped as well. The carpets and seats were in good condition so I kept the originals. However, I'm considering getting the seats done in a chocolate brown colored leather in a diamond stitched pattern. Anyone go from cloth to leather seats and
  5. I'll keep an eye out for details. Looking forward to it!
  6. Hey. I'm wanting to get involved. Any news on a Formation Training Clinic coming up in Texas? If so, who do I need to contact? Thanks!
  7. I have them. All it takes is removing the three screws to check the pressure.
  8. 1987 M20J 205 with the 2900lb Gross Weight Increase STC. W&B done in 2015. Reported to weigh 1924lbs, 44.39 CG, with 976lb useful load. Have the 3-blade Hartzell Top Prop up-front. Looking at these other numbers, looks like I could probably shed a few pounds and get to 1000lb useful load. That said, I've not been able to get it out of CG with any loading/fuel configuration yet but I'm typically operating with a more forward CG.
  9. I had already passed the FAF and started my descent. Hopefully I can get back in the air this weekend and see if it happens again. I've got 30-40 approaches without an issue until this. I would just like to understand why this happened, troubleshoot it if possible, and have a plan incase this happens in actual IMC.
  10. The Glideslope on the Aspen only vanished for roughly +/- 1 second - and it only did it 3-4 times. When I did look over at the Avidyne Unit, it still showed LPV (but the GS indication may have been back up). It could have possibly downgraded the approach but I did not confirm since the Glide slope came back online so quickly. I suppose my concern is more if this happened and (1) the glide slope indication didn't reappear and (2) if I were already under LNAV minimums. Hopefully this was a one time occurrence but wanted to understand/troubleshoot the problem, if this happens periodically.
  11. Good morning, all. I am working through my instrument rating in my M20J, which is equipped with an Aspen 1000 PFD, Avidyne 540, and KAP 150 Autopilot. This morning, I was hand flying a few different RNAV approaches and during one approach the Aspen's glideslope indication was intermittently coming on and off. My Avidyne showed "LPV" and I was planning to fly the approach to LPV minimums. However, once I saw the intermittent glideslope I was prepared to fly LNAV minimums. The glideslope came back on and everything was fine until LPV Minimums. Still, I don't want this distraction to happe
  12. I did not have one at the time so I did not get a CO alert. My JPI provided an alert for the high CHT so I only made one lap around the pattern and landed. However, you better believe that I have since purchased one!
  13. @ragedracer1977 I haven't read through the remainder of the thread but I suggest looking through your JPI manual for troubleshooting procedures. Last week, I saw a 500+ CHT on Cylinder #3 immediately after departure with normal EGT reading. I circled around, landed, and had my mechanic look at it that afternoon. My JPI manual showed a scenario for "CHT more than 500, EGT normal, Adjacent EGT may be low". Probable Cause: Leaking exhaust gasket blowing on CHT Probe. Once we got the cowling off, this was the exact issue. I lock washer wasn't installed where it should have been and the hot air was
  14. Awesome! Please reach out once you have them duplicated.
  15. I had a pending order through LASAR, whom put it in with the Factory, for the 3'' Rudder Pedal Extensions for my new-to-me M20J 205. What's the chances these still get shipped out from Mooney? Any other options available for these?
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