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  1. This wouldn’t be Mooney specific but my wife would be happy to do an ATC Q and A type of content article. Which could lead into additional discussion or technical ATC articles. Not to worry, she’s a much better writer than I am.
  2. Wow, what a beautiful airplane!! If I was in the market for one, this would be it. I’m sure you’ll have no problem selling it.
  3. Now I want to go to Oshkosh and bring, what feels like, bootlegged Tequila from Casa Sanchez in Leadville, CO. It is by far the best Tequila I’ve ever had! We drove to Leadville on Super Bowl Sunday, just to get our previously bought bottle refilled! So, for those of you looking for an “excuse” to fly into Leadville, when the airport reopens this summer, this is it! As for Single Malt Whiskey, we like Stranahan’s from right here in Denver. Michelle (wife) and I were part of their volunteer bottling crew in January. Each bottle of Stranahan’s is bottled from start to finish by hand. These two bottles were part of our “thank you” for bottling. Yes, we bottled both these bottles. If you get a bottle of Stranahan’s batch 234 odds are I put the label on the bottle. For those of you visiting Denver, the Stranahan’s and the Laws Whisky tours ARE GREAT! Both distilleries are within about 2 miles of each other. (Quick note about LAWS, their tours have been suspended until April due to upgrades to their distillery)
  4. I know what you fly and I bet I know for whom. So, the only question is when do we both fly at the same time. TAS 494 is awesome, what is that .885? At E170 when was this? The flying from the “east” as fallen off recently.
  5. This was 3 years ago on a flight from PHL to SEA. Took over 6 hours, painful!
  6. Obviously it’s a little slow. Asked my wife, and she has never thought that an aircraft wasn’t doing a standard rate turn. As long as the turn will keep you on the protected side of a holding pattern or keep you from over shooting final, you’ll be fine. That said, if it’s something that can be adjusted without to much trouble it might be worth a try. If it follows the line, odds are your fine. My opinion, not worth the paper it’s printed on.
  7. My first jet was a TWA DC-9-30 built in the late ‘50s. The check airman showed me the history of the airplane, it had 110,000 hours and 115,000 cycles on it. Nevertheless, I was very excited to fly it. As far as Douglas was concerned, if you can maintain it, you can fly it.
  8. I’m going with Freezing Rain. Cold air over taking warm air, typically causes a temp inversions. The cold air pushes the warm air up and the moisture freezes as it falls to the ground.
  9. Fly to APA or BJC. I can get to Breck in 90 minutes from Downtown Denver. CDOT closes Vail Pass all the time, mainly for accidents and spinouts. It can be beautiful weather and vail pass will close because of a accident and you’re stuck. There are several routes that will take you to Breck from Denver, the longest, HWY 285 to CO 9 is 2 hours(ish). If you don’t want to fly to Denver, then Kremmling would be the best but I have no idea if they have hangar space for your plane. Not sure how soon you’re planning your trip but the weather is going to be great here this weekend, could be 70 on Sunday...BUT...then on Monday and Tuesday we’re expecting our first snow storm of the year. Ya got to love Colorado.
  10. The controls in Airbus equipment are “summed”, meaning a full up stick on one side and a full down stick on the other equals ZERO pitch change. There is also an aural alert “dual input” so the pilots know that they are both trying to fly the airplane. 447 was in alternate law meaning they had multiple failures of redundant systems. That is what allowed them to stall the airplane. The crew, sadly, allowed an airplane capable of flying to remain in a stall and it had nothing to do with lack of a control interconnect. I’ve said it before, I prefer the Airbus fly-by-wire philosophy without question, over the Boeing fly-by-wire philosophy.
  11. The 787 pays the the bills, so I can fly a Mooney, play in the mountains of Colorado and restore a classic car. The wife’s job, DEN tower controller, does help support my transportation “habits”.
  12. I have! The first little flash caught my attention, looked out the side window of the MD-80 and got hit again. It was a green laser and I looked right down the beam. This happened on approach to South Bend, IN. I didn’t suffer any vision loss and thankfully I wasn’t the PF. I was able to report the approximate location to the tower never did hear anything about it. I did work the flight back to IWA but took the next day off and went the eye Dr. Over the years, I’ve seen many lasers pointed at aircraft I’ve been in. All that really happens is a green flash that lights up the flight deck. I once saw a green laser hit the aircraft from the passenger window. It’s fairly common in Phoenix. We get NOTAMs about it in certain cities. Too many idiots with nothing to do.
  13. Ha! Her response was “Hmm, we’ll get briefed on it in a month or two, if at all.” Nothing like the speed of government.
  14. Right you are!! What a sneaky change.
  15. Here’s my theory....the ICAO identifier isn’t actually changing but that the new CFO identifier is for the space port that is to be built on the field. ForeFlight, just updated yesterday.