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  1. Here's a picture of the electrical system in my airplane. However, I think the overall conclusion I understood is that it is possible to do the alerts with words using the PMA450B! 20200918_125131.pdf
  2. This is kind of what I was trying to get at. I appreciate @Vance Harral doing a good job of explaining the functionality of Sonalerts. The reason I brought all this up regarding the PMA450B is because on their website, they talk about what Flightmate can do. http://www.ps-engineering.com/flightmate.shtml "With four discrete inputs, devices such as Sonalerts, engine instruments, or other devices that provide a discrete output when a preset condition has occurred, the pilot will hear in their own words, what the exact nature of the condition is." My question may not have made sen
  3. I'm assuming this is without the cost of labor? I have plenty of questions but am definitely looking forward to the October edition to hopefully get most of my questions answered. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone have any personal experience with Sonalerts? The PMA450B can tie to the audio alerts from the Sonalerts and I was looking at replacing the GEAR UP/DOWN lights with Sonalerts to get audio verification. I have never used them but wanted to know if anyone else has and whether or not they liked them.
  5. Any chance you can email this to me? I have a 66E as well and am going in for upgrades in the next few weeks. Would love to be able to play around with some designs beforehand!
  6. How much did the upgrade from the 830 to the 900 cost you? Looking at doing mine in the near future and wanted an idea.
  7. I'd be interested in purchasing the FS 210 if we can work out a deal. Located in the Dallas area.
  8. Congrats on the purchase! Now let us spend OP's AMUs
  9. I see a lot of talk about the PMA450B audio panel. Here is a great link that does an in depth review of the audio panel for those that want a deeper understanding of it's features.
  10. I purchased one of these to use in my M20E and have the ipad pro 11. Haven't had any issues with charging yet but I usually don't have the brightness up to 100% regardless. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/anker-roav-roav-smartcharge-vehicle-charger-black/6342758.p?skuId=6342758
  11. Update: Flap issue has been fixed! I ended up taking the plane to Don Maxwell at KGGG (luckily live very close). Here's the logbook entry for those that want to know what was done to repair the flap pump: "Removed flap pump and placed in test stand. Pump inop. Disassembled pump, inspect and reassembled. Pump inop. Tried to blow compressed air into inlet. Appears to be plugged. Disassemble valve body. Wrong spring, too long, installed under suction ball not allowing it to move. Replaced spring and ops check good. Reinstalled pump." It was not a fluid issue or an actuator issue ev
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