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  1. Four. Sometimes a little more. Two for half flaps

  2. Looking at doing something like this in the summer. Would love to read a separate post about everything you did and what you learned!
  3. Let me know if you are missing anything else. I can see if I have any other misc documents you might be looking for since I have a 66E as well. If you need help reorganizing or creating a binder for your plane I'd be more than happy to explain the steps that I took. Shoot me a PM anytime! -Tahir
  4. Thanks Anthony! First thing I did when I got the plane was reorganize the binder & logbooks, then digitally scanned everything. Took a whole 4 days but was worth it in the long run.
  5. I have attached a file. See if this is what you are looking for. Actual Weight & Balance Data (1966).pdf
  6. I agree with you. My original plan was to only do one G5 HSI and keep the vacuum based AI. The AV-30 got certified and was cheaper than another G5 so bought that as well. I still have the vacuum AI going in as a back up. Maybe one day I'll upgrade to the GI-275 but that too is quite a few AMUs. Everything is at the shop and already going in... a little late to back out now.
  7. I tried to figure out how to switch them myself but knew deep down I could count on you doing it regardless! Thanks for the help as always.
  8. My airplane is currently going through a full panel upgrade. I decided to keep the original airspeed indicator and attitude indicators as back ups. I decided to send them to Rudy Aircraft Instruments in Rudy, Arkansas. I shipped it in a pretty small box wrapped with quite a bit of bubble wrap however the box arrived to Rudy damage. I was called by Meredith as soon as she opened the box and notified me that the attitude indicator took quite a bit of damage but that the airspeed indicator was fine. She told me that they would only charge me for the parts that were needed to fix it. From th
  9. My airplane is currently at the shop. I'm a quick hop over in Dallas with an E model that I'd be happy to show you around in if I ever get the plane back.
  10. Thank you so much for clearing this up!! I have a G5 going in as the HSI and my original vacuum based AI going in as my backup as well. Hopefully that's enough. Wonder how long till these issues are resolved...
  11. Possibly stupid questions regarding the AV-30 as I have one going in as well: In the FAQ section of their website it states: AV-30-C is not approved for primary IFR navigation. The AV-30-C is approved for installation as a primary Attitude Indicator or primary Directional Indicator. Maybe I am not understanding something correctly...Can this be used as your primary attitude indicator under IFR? If not, why do they say it is approved as a primary attitude indicator? Based on the earlier pireps and reading this in the FAQ I am tempted to pull the trigger on this inst
  12. How much would it cost to recertify and charge one of these?
  13. Can I ask how much he charged for that swap? Currently have an 830 (paid for by the previous owner) and am looking to swap for the 900 as well. Couldn't find anyone that had a price estimate for me.
  14. Replaced the landing light in my 66 E myself. Pretty easy to do when you have the side panels off and get the 2 wires right. I installed an old Par 36 LED landing light that does the job just fine. I'm sure you can snag one of those on eBay for cheap.
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