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  1. Noticed that handy dandy fire extinguisher. Can you drop a link and some pictures/details on the mounting process?
  2. You're right! Does your panel have the small little lights on each instrument or do you have a different set up to light your panel?
  3. Rookie here: if I were to buy and install the VSI and/or the Altimeter and/or the HSI...Would I need some other paperwork or something for any of them? Are they certified to put in my 66' E? Would I need anything else to go with either of those instruments?
  4. It's ridiculous! Why aren't they indestructible!!!
  5. Is there a more permanent solution for this other than just replacing $200 switches everytime it goes bad in the near future? Maybe replacing all the switches with a different type. I wonder if rocker switches go through this as well.
  6. Some of my switches don't stay on anymore. Will I need to completely replace them with the ~200 switches linked above?
  7. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the silver knob is for the PC system trim.
  8. Would you say it's a bad idea to just always go straight for the flooded start to not have to deal with a failed hot start/dead battery?
  9. I also have a 66E. Could I PM you my email? Thanks!
  10. this articled helped me a lot. http://mooneypilots.com/mapalog/HOT%20STARTS.htm
  11. I have one of these. Best thing I own. The fuel in LBS on the otherside of the tube can be useful as well.
  12. The list would be great! Also, any other pictures from different angles or a video like others have mentioned would help tremendously. Thanks