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  1. Hey all, I'm new here! I'm part-way down the rabbit hole of purchasing a vintage M20 (no deposits yet just virtually tire kicking). One item I still need to address are my insurance requirements. The prospective quotes I've received so far want between 5 and 10 hours of dual instruction (Falcon on the low end and Avemco on the high end). My problem is that while googling around has turned up lists of CFIs in lots of places there don't appear to be any near me (KSLC). So my questions are: Does the collective here know of anyone near Salt Lake City that has M20C/E experience and can instruct? If not, what have other people done in this situation? Call around to find a CFI that's willing to travel? The aircraft that I'm looking at are in either Texas or California. Another option is taking some additional vacation when I go to finalize the purchase and do the training at the location I pick up the aircraft. Anyway just looking from some opinions on how others got their initial training done when they first bought a Mooney. Thanks!