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  1. Mike Busch has a Savvy video on this exact situation: Flakes are caught by the oil screen ( protecting the oil pump), filter stays clean! Lycoming engines have a removable screen. It's supposed to be checked every oil change. Most A&P's skip it. Thanks for sharing my your experience. We need to keep this top of mind.
  2. Hello All, I'm a longtime lurker, finally introducing myself. I just completed the worlds longest PPL training. Started in high school, briefly interrupted by, college/wife/kids/career and now complete 39 years later. I'm a Colorado native and love to spend my time outdoors. Now going to 14,000 is MUCH easier! I'm interested in gaining experience by watching others. Anyone flying out of Centennial (KAPA) or going by, let me know as I'd love to fill the right seat and see how you do it! Long distance is Ok. Particularly anyone working on IFR currency/approaches etc. I've reached out to @Denver98 and @gsxrpilot directly. Anyone else in the area? Jeff P.S. I will buy lunch!
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