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  1. Yes, and red is also the fastest color.
  2. My flap actuator developed a leak this winter. Once it was fixed, went through the flap rigging specs in the service manual. Turns out mine were coming up a few degrees too far (negative angle). There's a stop adjustment at the outboard end of each flap to set this travel. Mine are now on the chord line and even with the trailing edge of the ailerons. It appears that I've picked up a couple knots of cruise speed from this exercise. Thought I'd report my experience.
  3. Thanks for all the comments. Clarence, the SN is 2351. I don’t have a shroud on the fuel pump but it was laying near it when I found it.
  4. @chriscalandro, I added picture. It’s a small one. Not connected to heat. Could be generator cooling, nothing connected to generator now.
  5. I have all the cowls off for the first time while I’m replacing the cowl flap control cable and noticed there there’s a scat tube that’s not connected anywhere. It comes from the round opening just above the air filter but the other end was not connected. Any idea where it goes? Also, any tips on cowl flap control cable replacement appreciated. Thanks
  6. When we brought the M20C home, the compass started leaking. Got the compass fixed but the odor from the fluid (kerosene) is still pretty strong. Any recommends on secret sauce to get the odor out?