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  1. yeah i saw that 170 kgs... nice!
  2. What does she cruise at? Kts/gph Thanks!
  3. On one of the threads I saw someone mention a "book" or something that had the approximate value of components. Does anyone know where I could find such a product? The comparison of avionics is difficult for a steam-gauge raised man like myself.
  4. Yeah i've been perusing skyranch, that looks like it would be ideal. They've got a few hangars for sale there now also. Now if only I had $1.3M lying around, I could skip buying a standalone hangar altogether...
  5. thanks KLR. You're right, that one is ugly on the outside! (but it's the inside that counts, right?) I was reading the bcool stuff on the a/c page. Definitely intriguing. And I guess that would last long enough for the short flight. Haven’t moved to PHX yet, but likely we will be on the north side of the city so probably more like 110 nm so ~45-50 mins +whatever the time cost to climb. Forgot to mention in the OP, can you fit two small kiddos in the back of a C for the occasional weekend trip with the family of 4?
  6. Thanks Aspen, I'm in ABQ actually for the next few months. Sounds like I might have to take a drive down to take a look!
  7. Thanks to everyone on this thread that has posted constructive comments. I am also looking to jump headfirst into airplane ownership with a mooney. The fuel efficiency and speed is what has drawn me to the mooneys (or is it moonies?). I would plan on using my airplane to commute several times a week from phoenix to Tucson. I think that an ovation/ovation 2 might be the right way to go for this, anyone have any thoughts? Sounds like a turbo won’t be worth it at the lower alts, and I can’t find any J models for sale with air conditioners (which will probably be a necessity on the short-haul, low-alt flights in the sonoran desert). This makes me believe that you can’t put an A/C in a J- can anyone tell me why? Is there another suitable alternative to an ovation? Anyone have an opinion on a M20S? looks like those might be hard to find. The Ultras are likely out of my price range. I’m a dirty helo guy by trade, with about 150 hrs of complex ASEL time, so fixed wing isn’t something I’m super familiar with and I would appreciate any input from the seasoned veterans.