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  1. That makes considerably more sense than a "requirement" to get the engine overhauled at TBO even if running well.
  2. Is it just behind the terminal insulation (against the box) on the white wire adjacent to the beige wire that is loose?
  3. What would really interest me would be: 1) Keep Retractable 2) More space 3) Diesel/Jet-A burning Engine 4) No Speed loss 5) Allowance for Both FIKI and AC 6) 4 passenger with 200 lbs baggage with Full Fuel payload 7) Option for a BRS (not a standard included item but available if desired) 8) Price <600K The new retractable DA-50 *may* check off some of these boxes when they release their specs but will probably cost double (or more) the number 8.
  4. I have not done the research, but with all of this off topic (this thread is factory closed) Cirrus vs Mooney talk, what are the overall fleet accident/survivability numbers, per flying year, percentages? In the history how many Mooneys were built (Can even start with metal instead of wood wing)? When was first Mooney built (number if years the fleet has been flying)? How many Cirrus? When did first Cirrus built (shorter number of years)? How many Mooney Accidents (Accidents per year average, Accidents per plane)? How many Cirrus Accidents (Accidents per year average, Accidents per plane)? How many fatalities from the Mooney accidents (per year, per plane, per accident)? How many from Cirrus accidents (per year, per plane, per accident)?
  5. I know a lot on here don't like high wing, but I wish someone would buy the stallion rights from Martin Hollman's widow and get it certified. a high wing six seater with full fuel payload of 1100 lbs that hits 200+ KTAS on 14 gph. ... https://www.aircraftdesigns.com/design/stallion/specifications/ Add a high wing to the model line and keep the speed advantage over the competitors.
  6. Wonder if there is interest from Textron (since they cancelled the Columbia) in getting back into the low wing market again. They'd be back in front with the fastest again, and have the retractable which was what many of the prospective Columbia pilots wanted. Plus they would get all of the non-mooney capability in the plant to use for their other work.
  7. Hopefully this is not the beginning of the end.