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  1. Pm me and I’ll get you the cad file or cut them up for you my old man owns the shop.
  2. My mse already had an armrest so in the pilot seat frame there’s 3 holes I don’t see why you couldn’t just drill them out if they aren’t there. Pm me and I can get you the cad file or cut them up my old man owns the shop.
  3. The armrest itself is original, the hardware on the other hand is a “owner supplied part” it’s the same design as factory but we used billet aluminum and put two bearings in it with a big shoulder bolt you can stand on it if you please.
  4. Yes I couldn’t Remember the name to save my life! Highland UPHOLSTERY They did an excellent job small company just a husband and wife so they aren’t the fastest. Western.... they were 4 weeks behind schedule and had the parts sitting on the shelf bought and paid for should have taken 6 to 8 weeks. 100% manager related, but with that said they have a new avionics manager Tyson who is excellent did everything he promised, unfortunately he was hired on the last 4 weeks of my project. End of the day they did a perfect install with no major bugs.
  5. I will pm you costs. Interior was done by a local company, I’ll have to find the name. Panel and avionics were done by western aviation in Spokane,wa. IMG_0760.MP4
  6. Just finished up my 91 J g5 gfc500 txi 750 650
  7. Here is the layout I went with on my 91 20J g500txi, gfc500, g5, gtn750, gtn650
  8. Thanks! I didn’t realize there was a whole website for Mooney geeks like me. In my teenage years my dad had two Mooney’s a 79 201 and a g1000 bravo. About 4 years ago he sold them off and stepped into a TBM 850. So we have been suffering mooney withdrawals 6 months ago this beautiful mse fell into our lap and we’ve been working on it for about 3 months and we are nearing the end of this retrofit. more pics and videos to come! Avionics list g500 txi, g5, gtn750, gtn650, and a gfc500 digital autopilot
  9. Hello I’m new to the forums but that use to be my old mans Mooney here’s a cool picture I had saved of it