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  1. Completely ignorant question here- is this a stock fuel sender issue or does it also apply to the Cies senders as well?
  2. The website is woefully behind. Here is a snip from some email traffic I have with them. I have also talked to their main distributor and we should be seeing it out very soon. We have made quite a bit of progress on the replacement for the Bendix Dual Magneto. Our solution will be a dual electronic ignition system that uses two separate trigger mechanisms, thereby completely separating the ignitions and solving one of the biggest problems with the dual magneto. Our dual electronic ignition systems will require some sort of approved back-up power system (we will have recommendatio
  3. I had the same issue recently. Mag had 100 hrs even on it and the points in the right side welded together. Went back to Kelley and they IRANed it N/C. The capacitor was replaced as we were told there was a service notice on them for being bad. I also swapped out the ignition harness as well. So far, 25 hours in, no issues. If this thing craps again before 500, I'm gonna get the ElectroAir dual mag option. A boat load of money, but two electronic ignitions is equal to 4 standard D3000 mags, simply because the engine runs the same on one electronic mag vs two! Real redundancy if you asked m
  4. I wonder what the C-152 pilot was thinking when he saw that....?
  5. I have a Stratux and the ADHRS is worthless on it. I had a Stratus 2 and it was perfect. Sold it when I got a GTX345. I bought the Stratux for when I fly rental planes, but I do not use the ADHRS as it is so far off it's pathetic. It starts out fine, but drifts minutes after I leave the ground. I set it up on my desk and within 10 minutes, the Foreflight attitude Indicator begins to bank, never having touched the Stratux or moved it. Keep the Stratus 2 and dump the Stratux I say.
  6. That was one of the issues I discussed with my installer. You'd have to go MAX to do that. Keeping the GI106A was the only logical solution because I really had no need for the HSI of a AV30 or G5 and spending money didn't make sense. Installing a toggle between the two was also discussed. But, you'd still only get one source at a time.
  7. I know of a shop that has one on the shelf and ready to go. When his AP crapped out before install, it just made sense to do a full panel instead. The original owner went full Garmin glass instead with the big G autopilot. I suspect it could be had at a very good price, not to mention it’s not too far from you. PM me if you want the shops info.
  8. That’s about a quart per oil change. How much is this product and what’s it cost vs Camguard? More importantly, where is the independent data validating it does what it should.
  9. Care to elaborate? I have no clue what your referring to.
  10. In avionics, probably the best money to value ration I have spent was a FS210.
  11. You are probably right, but I was not going to argue about it as the entire job was flat-rated as a fly away cost. Their time investment is on them while I fully expect an on-quote check to be written. The only caveatis if they run into something not their fault and must be addressed such as corrosion or other airframe issues beyond the scope of the job.
  12. I looked at the picture before reading and thought, "Uh oh. Someone didn't pay their tie down fees again. They got BOOTED!" Then I read it was a static display.
  13. I don't know the breakdown on a fresh install for a Mooney, but three GFC500 servos installed is 40 hours of labor on a Piper. Just the servos. I had this convo with my installer three days ago. That's $4k alone in labor plus the rest of the panel work on top of that. So figure about 13-14 hours per axis plus the head and configuration. I had tunnel vision, vertigo and auditory exclusion the more he talked.
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