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  1. Very readable. Helping my kids with their homework obviously has help though.
  2. This is absolutely incorrect. While logging the compressions has become a tradition, there is absolutely no mandate to do so. In fact, many log entries are wrong, but well intended in this respect. What is does is allow owners a way to follow dropping compressions and it is a convenient place to do so. But the same could be said about thing like tire tread wear or oil consumption or plethora of other things pilots might want to track. Use an MX spreadsheet or catalog the work orders otherwise. But the only log entry required is wether or not the IA found the plane airworthy or not. End of sto
  3. You do realize that is the proper way to log the annual inspection, correct? His only job during an annual is to inspect. Once the inspection is over, it transitions out of an inspection to maintenance. Once the airworthy issues are corrected, the plane is airworthy when the correcting A&P addresses the discrepancy list. There is also a difference between airworthy issues and “Should consider” issues. In the future, you should insist on two lists. One with airworthy items and the other with recommended items. Also, all owners should try and not have the MX performed by the I
  4. Due diligence appears to have not been apart of this prepurchase. Mine went out with the garbage man. The Switchbox is about on par with a car with one flat tire. There is also a newer and better option that was just released. if you can return it, I highly recommend you do so now.
  5. Have you talked to N. Florida Aviation at KHEG yet? They do MX and avionics. Right next to the FBO, behind the fuel farm. Owner Bob is an A&P IA and has an Arrow and a Twin Comanche.
  6. I would think that if you were outside glide distance of shore and you did not have water survival equipment, there might be a problem with that. I would have a serious problem with it and simply call unable.
  7. Maybe they were followers of Heavens Gate? Any comets passing by yesterday?
  8. You'd need that much too if the F35 was your enemy! Jes sayin'.
  9. As long as you have a GTN and another source of ADHRS. Otherwise its a moot point. The OP has a GNS. Sure wish people would read posts sometimes. Would clear out the clutter.
  10. Garmin and ForeFlight own the EFB market. Period. Those who are using the others are generally anti-big guy type of people who want to walk a different path and enjoy trying to get others to do the same. If someone says they won’t do a Flightstream because it doesn’t support Fly Q et al., well, they can keep press, turn, turn, enter, turn enter, turn, turn, turn, enter all they want. If they want to push one button on an iPad and be done, they have that choice to make. the first time they get a “ prepare to copy new route” and feel that chill of WTF, they will be a believer when a
  11. You are betting you will crash, they’re betting you won’t. The risk/reward is not on their side anymore. Sell it and buy an ultra lite or gyro. You might fall in love all over again. I used to love riding street bikes and raced dirt bikes. But two too many bad crashes changed my outlook, so now I get my kicks flying as if it’s safer. Statistically it is I suppose. Point being, change your trajectory and keep enjoying life. if that’s not acceptable, fly uninsured and take your chances. Hate to say it, but the elephant in the room is that your flying days really are at th
  12. Ive bought a couple planes and both times used escrow. I think it keeps honest people honest to have an unbiased third party handle the deal. Not only that, they make sure all the paperwork is good and any hidden liens are found. On my last plane, they had to hunt down a retired AP to get a waiver on a lien before the deal would close. It was something like three owners back in the 80's!! It made it all the way till 2014 before it was "found and resolved" .
  13. I disagree with you. You gain concierge data updates and lose ADHRS with the 510, but only if he spends $13-$17k upgrading to the GTN series of navigators. The FS210 will make his 530W feel like a whole new box when he can flight plan at home and data dump flight plans with the 210. He can also feed a full suite of wireless data to his chosen EFB. His twist, find, enter, twist, find enter days are over! Given he has made no plans to rip and replace the 530W/330ES, the Flightstream 210 is a fabulous idea and the cheapest way to breath a new life into the GNS.
  14. I would agree with his flying the plane as well. The rubber meets the road in his office. Given the publicity over the crashes, the FAAs FUBAR lack of oversight, and the subsequent fall out if there is another incident, if the Chief Administrator for the FAA calls it good there will be pitch forks en mass and suited lawyers at the ready and they cannot hide behind Boeing; It becomes a federal problem, not Boeing's. It certainly appears he has the gumption and qualifications to evaluate the bird. I approve!
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