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  1. What the.... so flying a dirty plane IS faster!
  2. It would probably be reason #1 on her list, so I don't think it could be hidden. But is grounds to claim I am destitute!
  3. I’ll pile on the gravy...... I’ve had several big ticket, and a couple small ticket transactions with Chase. Nothing but top shelf support. I usually send him a message when I am looking for something. Only if he doesn’t sell it do I look elsewhere.
  4. Word I don’t keep a balance sheet of pay/owe on my plane. If I did, I would have to sell it.
  5. Very few of us can. As hobby pilots, a slim margin actually use it for business purposes or other capital gains needs. It’s a frivolous expenditure for those with disposable incomes.
  6. My shop just pushed out a Cessna 152 from the avionics bay; $35k in avionics, including a G3X 10”. I looked at it and shook my head. The owner was tickled pink. Why? Because he could, had the cash, and loved the plane. Harley riders do it, boat owners do it, big truck owners do it, sport car owners do it and generally none of them expect a monetary “return on investment”. That guy is gonna grin ear to ear for years flying that plane. Sounds like a good expenditure to me.
  7. Well, we all know Mooney drivers are obsessed with speed right? This guy took it the wrong way me thinks.
  8. Mine disconnects on occasion but comes back within a few seconds. It also gives an audible annunciation it disconnected. No clue why or any rhyme or reason either. Just random.
  9. https://tulsaworld.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/tulsa-pilot-arrested-after-100-pounds-of-meth-found-on-plane-at-jones-riverside-airport/article_b6377272-8768-11eb-950e-97ce4ef21612.html Mooney driver running crank. Some will do anything to fly.
  10. What..... y’all don’t tire shine your plane every week too? Mequires Wet Look tire shine has all the rampies lookin’. You know it’s legit when the line guys says, “nice tires, sir!”
  11. I wouldn’t fly with it looking like that second pic. Really. Consider waiting. I have a WX10A and I consider it mandatory equip here in the south between March and Nov.
  12. They are on my annual squawk list. Not sure why you wouldn’t replace it. Is it a PITA to get to or something?
  13. Nobody cares about that noise in BHS. They want your dollars. Period. Passport, cash for the fees, VAT of anything that looks like it’s expensive. Done. Been to,BHS many times the past 4 years in my plane. Never been asked for anything plane related ever. They don’t care. Did I mention they want your money, cash preferred!
  14. Buying BK general aviation gear is about as smart as marrying a stripper hooked on meth who has three kids from 5 different men. There is just no good reason to invest in them anymore. Some things need to just go away. BK is one of them.
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