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  1. Even though I have a JPI 930 (which I love) I still rely on my fuel stick..which every gas station still relies on to this day. I drained both tanks then poured one gallon at a time back in each tank and methodically marked the stick each time until full. To this day, that stick before each flight during preflight is one of the the things I rely on most because the stick doesn’t lie. It’s worth the effort in my opinion.
  2. You know, I’m not sure, and I can find no mention of it being replaced in the logs and if that’s the case, I should feel mighty lucky it’s lasted this long. It lives a nice life being hangered here in Arizona but still...I should quit whining and just write the check.. thanks for the advice guys and thanks for welcoming me to your organization. Hope to meet some of you at upcoming events.
  3. Thanks for the quick response, carosuam. The name is is Mike (hence the N number which stands for ‘4 Mike Young’. Pete is for the truck that I have. Yes, I’m doing the annual and that boot is looking pretty scurvy so I’m thinking I need to replace it, but $360 for the thing isn’t sitting very well. Now, I’ve owned N4MY (formerly N9338M) for 29 years, but prior to that I had a Thorp T-18 for 12 years and something like this would have been fixed for a fraction of this sum. I know...I have a certified plane, therefore I must accept those certified prices, but I still find it hard to accept
  4. Hey Mooney folk, i have a 1966 M20-E (N4MY) and I’m in need of the rubber intake boot that’s between the throttle body and the lower front cowling. P/N 600115-005. Anyone know where it can be had for a reasonable price? thanks, Mike
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