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  1. According to one Mooney Master Instructor with 100+ hours flying it, “1 of the fastest J models I've flown”. See the image of 158 knots TAS at 8.5 GPH. Lycoming IO360-A3B6 factory remanufactured, installed January 2020. Upgraded from the original, with separated mags and roller tappets. 2,200 hour TBO and 2 year warranty (1 year on cylinders). 40 Hours total time. First 8 hours of break in with CFIs. 2 filters cut open with no metal particles. Is on regular oil now. Paint completed in late 2016 at Hawk Aircraft Services, Zephyrhills, FL (the plane frequently receives compliments from
  2. Looking to get a new panel cut, anyone had this done that has a good contact for it?
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