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  1. Two of the Mooney mites I own we’re rebuilt by my late grandfather. We found them both and bought them back. E W King was his name and he had the only M-19 in his garage for many years until he passes away around 1988. The three we own are as follows M-18 L N123C SN82 M-18 C N4123 SN291 M-18 C55 N4180 SN345
  2. Found a set of plans! They came with a bunch of parts and a flying M-18C 55!!
  3. Hello all, I am looking for a set of Mooney Mite plans that someone may have laying around. I have two mooney mites the belonged to my grandfather and I am going to rebuild them both at the same time. “N123C” & “N4123”. I would love to get ahold of the experimental plans to make life easier!