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  1. Not that I’m aware of, there isn’t anything garmin made that will translate the digital to analog for the KFC, only thing that “exists” is the King aeroflight. But being that it was delayed for 5 years, and no one had anything to say about it from a user stand point I had to make the decision to go full autopilot overhaul.
  2. For Sale Garmin 530W Navigator GPS: $8000 OBO I am selling a Garmin 530 with WAAS, feeling due to an upgrade. Works very well, screen when off is good/fair condition, but when on screen condition is unnoticeable. Buyer will receive Navigation Unit, Tray, connectors, Nav and terrain data cards alone with a reader.
  3. AP Still flyovers the heading bug, thankfully for a portion of my flight the bug was on the actual needed heading, lucky lucky. The know is the issue it spins with no resistance
  4. The know and the visible shaft behind the face is moving but then I can’t see anymore past that because of the secondary face behind the glass. The shaft does have a flat face too it. Just trying to see if anyone knows of this shaft become disconnected or if I have to take it to a shop
  5. Got a question, see if anyone else had this issue and what the fix was. Trying to see if I can avoid brining it to the shop: Have a 525 HSI and the heading bug won’t move, the dial spins freely but does not move the bug. Made my trip back home from thanksgiving a little more difficult then I wished.
  6. I would say option 3 is most like what I was looking for. I was going to go to Sebring for the fly In but the weather was a little to iffy for me with the new to me plane. That’s why I came on here, to see if anyone was available outside of the fly in schedule due.
  7. Hey guys and gals, Looking for a Mooney veteran. I have a M20J that I got a few months ago and wanted to know if anyone wanted to go for a flight or two to show me some tips and tricks to get the most out of my magical flying machine. Hangered are KDAB but can fly and meet in central Florida area.
  8. Hey so I was wondering what are some good airports in Florida with great restaurants at the airport. I know of spruce creek but was wondering where are some other great $100 hamburger spots.
  9. Can anyone tell me if they actually exist? Saw that they have been delayed many times. I can find them for purchase on multiple avionics websites, but haven’t seen any videos about them aside from product demos by Bendix king themselves. Would love to get ride of the vacuum version as I don’t find it to be that great. I have a KFC 200 autopilot. And unfountunatly the Garmin G5 isn’t an option, or so I have been told. And I do would be great.
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    Where can I see this album
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    I read that there maybe added tire wear do to this, anything you have experienced?
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    Gonna see if I can do it first before I open the wallet to that expense
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    Soon gonna go pick it up Thursday/Friday