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  1. It doesn't appear that you have a GPS navigator? I've been very pleased with my GTX 375 Navigator/ADSB in/out Transponder.
  2. I base my 65 E at Fresno Chandler KFCH, and at KICT in Wichita. Currently in KS, but will be heading back to CA in the next 2-3 weeks. I'd be happy to show her to you, and give you a ride. I'll msg you when I return to CA.
  3. My G5's accept nav data from my GNX375 and my GNC 255
  4. Ordered mine too, been looking for a shirt, now I can keep my business local ....But would also love an "E" shirt
  5. Yes I do, according to the logs, it was done by previous owner when they installed 1/4' windows. I have the STC for it in the files.
  6. Taxing out at ICT today for my first flight in nearly 8 weeks, got a treat with "Doc" , actually taxied behind me on Alpha. They were doing a tribute flight with three tankers out of McConnell for first responder's/medical folks around the Wichita area. I was due back about the time they were scheduled to finish, was hoping to hear "69Q, cleared #2 behind the B29. Didn't work out though.....
  7. Just a follow up, I used Military Graphics, https://military-graphics.com/, located in AZ. I was extremely happy with the product, cost, and speed in which they produced my decal. Ordered on a Thursday, in my hand on in Wichita on Tuesday. And the contacted me to insure the correct font, and other details. Seems they do a lot of custom work. Very happy with them
  8. i just removed all my belly panels from my 65E to clean and inspect. I would recommend getting the M20 screw kit https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/hapages/exterwasherkit.php from Aircraft Spruce, and an assortment of tinnerman nuts lol And a can of Tri Flow and LPS 2 Just viewing and learning all the linkages and other stuff is a great way to get to know your Mooney....
  9. In my 65 E, the second landing i made during transition training (with a CFI that could be my grandchild, and a lot less hrs than I had, and no Mooney time) was no flaps, because I did not position the flap lever to the "down" position before pumping them down. It was the best landing I made that day. Most of my landings since have been 20 degrees to full, and have had several "greasers". I have found that all depends on speed control. My no flap landing if i remember correctly was about 75-76 over the numbers. My plane has full VG's and that seems to help. With flaps, very comfortable at 70-72 over the numbers, plenty of energy left for the flare. I will experiment with no flaps landings, stuck in Kansas for the moment so windy condition may make that a good thing to practice..... .
  10. He"s an A&P too....now if I can just convince him to get his AI
  11. My son helping me install the new tail art
  12. $3.83 self serve KICT Yingling
  13. Dragon's Milk reserve. A good stout after a good Mooney flight.......priceless
  14. I hope I have the same success with my installation of the collar from the -202SB in my 65 E. We also replaced the steering horn, which was pretty worn. Landing it was always exciting on roll out, to the point I felt fortunate that I got my PPL in a C180- it was truly like landing a tail dagger! Hope to have it all back together the end of the week, I'll do a test flight and a post PREP.
  15. And the second biggest mistake was letting the avionics shop talk me into removing my non functioning Brittain autopilot to facilitate with the avionics upgrade. After spending time here on the forum, I could have probably got it working.......