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  1. Since 69Q had to stay in the shop- (Generator failure on first flight, upgrading to a Plane Power alternator) I'm going to have the servo replaced. I can see the benefits of the PC system if I can get it working correctly.
  2. Update- First flight was uneventful, and the PC system preformed as expected, so I guess a lot of worry about nothing. We did have a battery charging issue, and was unable to bring her back home to KFCH. Since I had to leave the plane there, having the shop replace the leaking servo while they sort the electrical issue. That being said, my first Mooney flight was wonderful! She flies straight and true, and was amazed at the speed/power settings. 1.5 hrs, and five landings, big smile still on my face two days later! Flying the PA28R 180 back to Fresno seemed really slow lol
  3. Thanks to all for the replies! After the comments, and looking at the schematics for the control and PC system, I have a better understanding of it all, and am more comfortable with doing the flight. The rudder system is very tight, and just a slight pressure gave me the aileron movement while not moving. The decision to remove the autopilot was mainly to eliminate the vacuum system. I am aware of the electric step conversion, and plan to do that. Also to make room in the stack for future autopilot, if BK or Garmin ever get it together for the E. It was also inop, according to the previous owner. The avionics shop recommended keeping the PC system in place until we can move forward with an autopilot. The leak wasn't discovered until yesterday. My avionics guy rummaged around in his store room and came out with a still "fresh in the bag" from Britten servo, said he'd give it to me. I would imagine there would be other leaks to deal with also, though the tubing I can see looks to be in pretty good shape. So that leads to a final question- does a working PC system enhance flight characteristics that much? Is it worth fixing, or since removal is pending (could be at least a year?) should I just permanently disable it? Thanks to all....
  4. Thanks Again, That will be better than using the duct tape I had planned to take with me lol.
  5. Thanks, I see that now that I've dug through my mountain of paperwork that came with my baby, and found a control schematic.
  6. I took my E for a Taxi and run-up today after being in the Avionics shop for nearly 3-1/2 months, and had a couple of surprises. Are Mooney controls interconnected? When sitting still or moving, engine running and not running, applying rudder in either direction causes aileron deflection in the direction of rudder application. Was not expecting this. I had dual G5's installed. Britten auto pilot was also removed. Left the PC system hooked up, mainly so it would provide vacuum to the step. The right aileron servo has a known leak. There is a noticeable deflection force to the left, easily (kind of) overcome, and goes away if the cut-out button on the yoke is depressed. Is this due to the servo leak? What will happen in flight? Will I have to hold the cut out button continuously to keep if from doing something crazy? My Mooney instructor and I are planning to fly it home tomorrow, depending on how we can resolve these issues. I have a brand new (rebuilt by Britten) servo. Debating whether to install it, or remove/permanently disable the system, as autopilot is next on the horizon. Any comments or advise would be appreciated.
  7. Go for it SkyDweller.... I had not logged an hour in nearly 35 years. Flying came back easy, all the new airspace and regulations weren't to difficult, as I had kept up with aviation over the years. I have about 300 hrs and PPL, and wanted to get my IR. Got tired of paying $275/hr in CA for a PA28R and instructor, had a mission that fit the Mooney (travel between central Ca and Wichita KS), so made the plunge and bought an E. Insurance wasn't to bad, as I already had 100 or so hrs complex/retractable time. $1,000yr. 10 hrs dual required. Upgrading the panel has been a pain, but almost done now. I think training in your own aircraft is an excellent idea!
  8. My 65 E dual G5 and GNX375 install is pushing 90 days, but there were other issues to deal with along the way...... Maybe next week.
  9. Just spent approximately $25K for a new metal pilots side panel, dual G5's and a GNX 375. Had to add a new ELT, glide slope receiver for the existing KX 125, and airspeed indicator, and I'm getting close to $30K.
  10. Just need an autopilot now But I think I'll like it. Discovered yesterday that the original AS indicator is in knots only, but the speeds marked are in mph. Could have eliminated it, but I'm uncomfortable with electrons an 0's and 01's being my only AS reference. Call me old fashioned.... So I opted fro a new one, another week in the shop.
  11. I emailed them volunteering my E. No response yet. I've given them a ton of money the last couple of months, was hoping they would at least respond...
  12. Mine is leftover after replacing with a metal panel. I will get a pic of it this week when I visit the avionics shop.
  13. Very interesting My E is also currently in the shop receiving a GNX 375 and dual G-5's. Installing new metal pilots side panel also. Hopping will be done the end of the week.