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  1. Just a follow up to my original post. I had a nice conversation with a Mooney instructor yesterday and he suggested I finish my training in the rental 172 and even do IFR in it. He said after that he would transition to the complex. He also mentioned some pilots feel more comfortable flying a fixed gear slower airplane for a few years on trips in order to get the feel for cross countries, atc, different airports, etc. prior to transitioning to a faster more complex airplane. He offered to train me once I completed my PPL but those were his thoughts. I really don't like the 172 or the high wing in general for some reason. Also trying to get the hours on the rental can be a pain with my schedule and my instructor's schedule. Thanks for all of the input from the group here.
  2. @carusoam The efficiency aspect of the Mooney appeals to my personality. Looking at engine overhaul prices the 200hp Lycoming seems like a good option compared to the higher horse motors. I definitely want to train for IFR after getting my private license. I would think most of my flights would be solo for business or with my wife or a friend for leisure. However, we would likely take a family trip once a month or so to see other family members so I will have a need to fit my two kids in the back plus they are growing quickly. I am probably overthinking all of this but I am a thorough person and I like to do my homework particularly on a discretionary depreciating asset.
  3. Thanks for all of the feedback guys. My CFI flies for a living with the Georgia Forestry Commission. He flies a 182 for patrol and one of those crazy 800hp taildragger rigs when they've got water or retardant to dump on a fire somewhere. He is a jam up guy and his son works for us so it was a good fit for me with familiarity and I felt comfortable knowing I am up with someone who flies patrol for a living with thousands upon thousands of hours in the air. I talked to him about Mooneys and he told me they are slick, fast planes and speed control is extremely critical. He said in the past decade most of his complex training time has been with students in Bonanzas, Cessna 182s, and Pipers. He said he spent some time training in Mooneys in the 90s but not recently. I have really enjoyed the journey so far just trying to figure out where to go from here. Thanks for all of the advice.
  4. I should finish up in the next couple of months so I thought it would take me that long to find one and complete the transaction. Located in Georgia.
  5. I come from a family of aviators. One of my uncles owns a Bonanza (P35) and the other a Mooney (M20c). I've spent time in both in the co-pilot seat. I've always had the itch to fly and get my own plane but I've spent most of my adulthood building a business and raising a family. A couple of months ago after years of thinking about it I started lessons and have began my search for an aircraft to own after I get my license. I travel some and a plane would be nice luxury for some of the trips I make. Plus my wife's family and all of my brother's kids live 8+ hours away by car so it would be nice for us to get to see them more than we do now. I've been training in a 172 but I've been in a 182 and a Dakota recently. I like the useful load of both but I preferred the Dakota for whatever reason. My dad had a gear up landing in a Bonanza one time in the 80s and I remember riding to the airport to pick him up with my mom and the plane was on the runway with no wheels under it so that's always stuck in the back of my mind. Therefore the fixed gear planes have been on my radar. That being said I will likely be a cash buyer of the airplane I purchase and I wanted to stay between 70-90k. The 235 hp Dakota's are not in that price range although the 201 Turbo's are but I've been told to stay away from that engine by some friends who know a whole lot more than me. My search has lead me to the M20F or a cheaper M20J. Lately I've been considering buying one of these planes and leaving it in the hangar while I finish in the 172 rental. And then do my complex in my own aircraft and then do the IFR in my own plane vs a rental. Am I crazy to think that I can fly these planes after I get my PPL with additional transition training or should I go the route of a simpler fixed gear Cherokee or Cessna until I get a couple hundred hours under my belt? Most of my missions would be 400nm or less. I am not a big guy 5'9 165 and my wife weighs about 120 (she doesn't know I'm on here ) so the useful load of the F and J is more than enough for us. Anyway I am rambling but I decided to join the site after months of stalking on here. Thanks for any advice you may have.