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  1. Yeah I have a spindle CNC as well, and it's definitely more difficult to engrave than the laser and still get super shallow engravings. CNCs are also more limited on the fonts you can use, as they do better following single strokes for lettering, and with a cone shaped engraving bit you get that deep pocket. Even on the laser, I don't like the sheen of engraving plastic so I hit mine with a matte clear coat afterwards, which also helps prevent fingerprints.
  2. Thanks! Not a bad idea, it would look cleaner all as one piece. The face plate actually sits about 1/8" proud of the instrument panel because there is an aluminum plate behind the face plate, so it wouldn't work. Also the whole thing screws into studs mounted on the annunciator circuit board. I'll do a similar overlay around the shadin and panel lights, and maybe above.
  3. I will be doing all my own laser engraved placards to replace my ratty / missing ones using either engraving aluminum or plastic. I don't like the white on beige color of the original placards, not enough contrast for the lettering to be very readable. Here's a before and after shot of my first effort, replacing the face plate of my annunciator switch panel. If anybody is interested in working with me on similar replacements let me know.
  4. thanks everyone, I'm going to try some more troubleshooting and look for a maintenance manual on this unit. I only have a pilot guide which is no help. ... also a good excuse for an upgrade to a Bluetooth unit. -Jeff
  5. I took possession of my newly purchased 201, and within a few minutes of operating the avionics on battery power after the pre-buy inspection was done, the audio panel started exhibiting strange unresponsive behavior. The panel operated fine during my test flight with the previous owner, and he never had any issues with it. I would press a button to monitor another radio and nothing happened. Some buttons worked while others didn't, but it appeared to be deteriorating quickly. At some point I switched it to com/mic 3 and the panel just outright froze, absolutely no button presses would respond except for the lamp test. Multiple attempts to cycle the power on the unit, and no change to the panel state, no responsiveness restored. Audio is flowing through the panel just fine throughout. I then ran up the engine to try the panel under alternator power, in case low voltage was the issue (12.0-12.2V on the battery at all times, everything else worked fine), and that actually restored some functionality and allowed me to switch to COM/MIC 2 (the SL-30 radio). I still cannot switch to COM1 which is the IFD440, and cannot deselect monitoring on COM1. Also the MKR mute cannot be deselected. So in short it's still in a partially frozen state even under alternator power. The unit is loose in the rack and wobbles easily. My next step will be to remove the hood and check for loose wiring. Has anyone had similar issues with their unit or a similar one, and/or what would you recommend we look at?
  6. Thanks for the welcome everyone. @Frank B. looking forward to it! I am in MAC T-hangar 1, the first one as you pass the FBO. Little bit about me... CFI/I, MEI, and a little bit of Mooney M20J time from 19 years ago... former 1966 C150F owner, and former officer of a flying club. Well it's not my life story, but there you go. I am exciting to start soaking up the knowledge here.
  7. I am the new owner, great airplane, I just moved it into a hangar on OMN. -Jeff