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  1. I'm a CFII based at KOMN. Also can't say I've flown the GNS 480 although plenty of 430/530 and GTN 750 time. Give me a shout if you can't make it work with the other guys. I head up to KSSI frequently for the Southern Soul BBQ.
  2. Member 26, I hope to participate this coming year!
  3. Not familiar with the area at all other than what I have read about, but I'm really looking forward to this little vacation with the family. We will be in Asheville at least one of the days. Lots of great options for fly-ins in your area, and that Runway Cafe at GMU sounds perfect, we might just have to stop there on our way back if time permits. Thanks for the info!
  4. Nice! I'm heading up that way on Thursday. Going to KFQD - Marchman. I'll give you a pirep of how great the flying was.
  5. No shame in that, I might have to borrow your eyes one of these days (since you are right down the street from me) to help figure out why my bird is such a lead sled.
  6. I've worked it out by calculation, observation of actual ground speeds and analysis by Cloudahoy. All of them point to my lower-than-average numbers. I get about 120 indicated up at 8500. 135 KIAS down low. I would need something more like 135 up at cruise to get a true of 155. Here is a recent snap from cloudahoy correlated to my JPI data: In short, I could sure use a speed mod like the Lopresti cowl / SCRAM, but I seem to be starting from way behind the curve. I have a few hunches that bad rigging, chipped paint, badly cracked cowl, and less than perfect fairings leadin
  7. I really don't know how these speeds are being achieved, my J is a 140 KTAS airplane flying LOP at 8.6 to 9 GPH. MAYBE I would see 150 flying best power but I don't operate that way. Something must be wrong with my airplane...
  8. @Frank B. the aircraft looks amazing. Being on the field myself I would love to use those guys at Ormond Aircraft. I only hear good things about them from others, but I am having trust issues after a walk-in encounter for a simple oil change. I told them I was having low fuel pressure readings and was concerned about the pump. Steve quoted me $2500 for an engine driven fuel pump (a $350 part, $550 installed)... with another mechanic in the room, who then proceeded to BS me about not being able to trade in the pump core anymore and that's why it's so expensive. I could understand an honest mist
  9. @StevenL757 your results look fantastic! Just curious did your IA consider this preventive maintenance or minor alteration?
  10. I would save yourself a couple hundred bucks and just cut out a square of green translucent plastic sheet and tape it behind the lettering, that's how they get their color to begin with
  11. well I think I know what you're getting at but minimums on LPV approaches are still referencing barometric altitude and absolutely should be cross-checked with the altimeter, so I would not phrase it that way exactly
  12. the +V is an advisory glideslope provided by the WAAS GPS receiver, but the approach is still a non-precision type with step down altitudes and an MDA, and will have higher minimums than an LPV approach would. You can fly it just like an ILS, just realize the underlying approach has an MDA so you do not fly the approach to minimums and go missed upon arriving at a DA, you would ride the MDA and go missed at the MAP. Oddly LPV is not classified as a precision approach, but has a DA and is flown like a precision approach. An LPV approach can be flown to demonstrate precision approach profic
  13. I just donated, this site is an invaluable resource for the owners.
  14. All great suggestions, I will be researching the logs this weekend, and will have my mechanic inspect the flap mounts. There are no cracks or anything structural to worry about from what I can see, but the fairings and wing inspection covers are coming off this weekend for a closer look. I think Skip is really onto something, the clearance above the flap with the bend in place leaves very little gap. The dings look like tool marks where leverage was applied, or marks from someone's thumb as they were bending. Once I really focused in I found some sloppy rivets on a couple flap mounts
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