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  1. We got a turbo normalized F model as a first plane, that is also what I made my PPL in, I have no PIC time in a high wing or "trainer". Given your price range of low to mid 100k and what you have described I think the perfect plane would be a nice J model. Maybe you could even find a turbo normalized one. You've mentioned moving up in 2-3 years and I think with your budget a J would definitely fit the bill well with being new to Mooney's and also later with resale value. Maybe you find a good private sale but if going through a broker I'd defiantly recommend Jimmy at All American Aircraft, he's a Mooney guy and knows his stuff. I would not recommend biting off more than what the performance of the F or J would be, as others have said. I recently got to sit right seat in a MS members Ovation 1 for a short hop from KGGG to KPRX and the performance gap between the Ovation and a F model is very wide. I had previously just landed the F at KGGG about 2hrs prior and then got in the Ovation so it was essentially a back to back comparison, we even flew a loose formation together on the way to KGGG and he had to throttle wayyyyy back to stay even with me, blew the F out of the water at our altitudes, take off at about 500' and climb to about 3,500. His climb speeds are close to my cruise speeds, thats a big difference. Enjoy a J model for a few years and then get into the 300+hp or turbocharged monsters. The other advantage of starting with the J is by the time 2-3 years rolls around you may have gained a totally different perspective of what you want next. Oh and idk what you meant with the RV10 comment, its not of my business, but that would be perfect btw. I wish I would have tried going that direction myself although I do like Mooneys. Also side note: To me it seems that it has a lot more to do with how consistently you can get out and fly in the beginning and really get some good reps in with training instead of dragging it out to where you border line have to relearn some aspect of the flow or your training when you get back in the plane to fly again. I feel like if you can be consistent in training and then consistent in flying afterwards then the risk factor to getting into something complex and high performance diminishes greatly, and your estimated flight hrs per year should give you the ability to stack learning and be able to build on your experience every time you fly the plane vs having to try and remember things that should be 2nd nature at that point. My .02, and I'm a low time PPL but that's how I feel based on my experiences, limited experiences.
  2. Also, 50 LOP was about 150TAS, 30 LOP dropped it to 145TAS or so. You could get the 201 windshield, GAMI injectors and then fly LOP right close to the speed you are currently flying and probably save 2GPH which on a 400nm trip with fuel at lets say, $4 per gallon, it would save you approximately $19.12 biased on 145KTS. Or you could look at it like it saves about $9.56 per hour on fuel flying LOP biased on 2GPH savings and fuel at $4 per gallon. Fly 150hrs per year and thats $1,434. In 500hrs it becomes $4,780.
  3. Another G5 and then get rid of the vacuum pump like Rags mentioned. That would clean up your panel further, firewall forward abit too, and save some weight. Sounds like you have a good engine monitor. If you cant fly LOP that may be a good investment as well. On the F that we have flying on 50ROP its around 9gph and going to 30LOP it drops to about 7.3gph, that could add up in the long run. 201 windshield seems good as well, like the one on ours, but I dont have anything to compare to since it was installed prior to our ownership, our plane will be right at 150TAS and has the cowl closure too. On the exhaust and other things that dont make much of a difference I'd just wait until they fail and then make a decision to repair or upgrade at that time if your modding as you go. my $.02
  4. @Volare I believe its 1,064lbs. Also, plane is at Maxwell's for a Pre-Buy next week, sale pending.
  5. I have not advertised outside of here.. Truth be told there are moments where I dont want to sell but it just seems the financially smart thing to do right now and since it does not perfectly suit our needs anymore as a family. I may not be "forced" to though. I had thought about using Jimmy at All American but I'm not sure I can afford the broker fee if I would have to negotiate sale price on top of it yet. Not saying he is charging too much, do not misunderstand. I didnt know if there was money to be gained through this to make the sale easier. I know on appraisals a TN only adds about $5k.
  6. Just finished rebuilding much of the firewall forward on my plane as some of you know, plane is for sale on this site, and I have a question. What is everyone's speculation, would there be a market for the Ray Jay system on my plane if I were to want to sell the complete kit, new exhaust ( over $8,000), redone turbo ( over $3,000) and all the hoses and everything else that is a part of it. Or even do a partial trade with someone for their NA exhaust in return? Or is my plane worth more with it on it than what I could get out of it if I brought it back to NA?
  7. Still available. Also after going through the logs I found where Don Maxwell "Resealed fuel leaks" in 2012. Note it does not say fuel tanks so I do not know the extent of the reseal. In the same logbook entry it states that the main gear disc was also replaced. Where I currently have the plane I'm about a 35 minute flight from Don Maxwell in Longview, Tx. If a potential buyer wanted to pay for an inspection from Maxwell I would gladly fly it over there for them, just thought I'd throw that out there.
  8. Hmm I dont have any texts about a plane very recently. 432-413-8001, call or text. Or PM me your number and I'll reach out to you.
  9. I suppose I've never thought about it in this way " you were flying on his certificate"... I may check with my AP and see if he told him about it already and go from there.. Just a very unfortunate situation, that CFI is not a douche either, nice guy in general from what I could tell.. I've tried and been for the most part pretty successful not getting stuck dwelling on what happened and thinking about all the money it cost me. Lesson learned, onwards and upwards with life.
  10. He was not Mooney specific. I agree he should not have done that, at the same time, I'm mechanically inclined and should have known far better myself... He took a job at a flight training place or something in Kansas and moved away before I finished my training and before we found out what the issue was. I got me another instructor to finish up and then we found out less than a week before I had a check ride scheduled that it needed a new engine. I estimate that it ran with the oil tempt pegged for approximately 10-15hrs maybe. I have not contacted him about it, my AP says he puts the blame 90% on the CFI ( he knows him from before this too).. Even so, I feel very responsible for this as well as the owner, maybe I'm too nice, idk.. I dont think the CFI is "rolling in it" anyway so not sure what good would come of approaching him now.. He's teaching people in simulators now so yea..
  11. Previous owner to me was in Nebraska I believe, not sure if thats the same guy, but I think he also moved once during ownership. He upgraded to a twin Baron I believe. Abbreviated reason for the rebuild was we noticed the oil temp gauge was pegged one day while training and my CFI kinda shrugged it off that it could be the old gauges or something, I forget if he said maybe we should check it out or not but we/I didn't so... VERY stupidly I shrugged it off as well because he didn't seem to treat it like a big deal and I guess maybe I trusted that he would let me know if I needed to do something.. Anyway, flew like that for awhile until soloing one day I noticed my oil pressure wasn't what it usually was. Took a pic of my gauges and the AP noticed the temp gauge, they tested the probe, it was good, did an oil change, filter was full of metal, found out the vernatherm valve was sticking closed or something.. approx. $60k later and a rebuild that took about 9 or so months here we are.
  12. Oh man i was there recently about 5 or 6 weeks ago or so, had I known.. Also whoever bought it after you also used Don sometimes as well as the logs show his shop till 2012.
  13. Hmm, well I just looked through the logs a little bit. I thought they had been recently resealed but I haven't found where/when yet. Up to what year did you own it and also did you get the maintenance done by Don Maxwell or was that another owner?