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  1. I just got a quote from precision avionics at POU for a new panel (a big job, all new equipment). G500, GTN650, GI275, etc... I'm looking for a second quote for comparison. The quote I got feels quite reasonable, but I still want a comparable. I've been trying to get a quote, with not much luck, from a MSC in the area that is also an avionics shop. I'm guessing they don't really want the job at this point, been trying to get an estimate for months... Is there another shop in the Northeast that someone would recommend for a Garmin project quote? Thanks!
  2. I'd love to be linked and added @gsxrpilot!
  3. Thanks @aviatoreb @carusoam @Danband @PeteMc! Thank you for all the info and recommendations. I'll dig into that post you linked @carusoam. I haven't looked into these "10 day IFR" programs. Please tell me more! Who operates them? I might (and might not) have some "free" time coming up soon to carve out time like this... US Aviation Academy has an outpost at POU now and seems to be in a partnership with the local community college to operate a course, but I don't know anything about them or their curriculum. Would this 10-day thing be on par with what they're probably offering?
  4. Hi, I want to start instrument training and am starting to hunt for a CFI. I'd like to do as much training as possible in my 201. Is the CFI list https://themooneyflyer.com/cfi.html known to be up to date or is it stale? Anyone have any recommendations otherwise for CFIs to do instrument training in the Hudson River valley area? I did my PPL with academy of Aviation at white plains (HPN) and am not sure about using them again (they were fine... No major complaints). Thanks!
  5. FWIW I use the blue waterless wash-wax all on mine. I've never used a bucket and water. I also use the purple stuff on the belly. But also, I've never actually picked up any major dirt that I felt needed a hose and bucket. However, I'd say that I am a bit afraid of using a hose and bucket because I've been told by a couple CFIs that it is unnecessarily risky regarding getting water in the fuel from a leaky cap seal... I guess rain is okay though? I dunno...
  6. My wife and I took a trip out to Provincetown, MA (KPVC) yesterday to see the beach. It was cold, but worth it. Photos by my wife.
  7. Not yet. Was waiting to get through 2 annuals. That's done now so I have confidence in the engine and airframe. Next stop: avionics shop.
  8. I'm glad to see this thread. I am a relatively new Mooney pilot, had my '95 M20J for a year now and every single time I cruise I look at the cruise power chart on the sun visor and just dial in the power configuration % I want, usually 65%, with the lowest RPM listed for the altitude, and lean for best economy, as long as CHT stays down. If CHTs rise, I try to enrichen first before opening the cowl flaps. I don't have go-to settings. It seems like there are a lot of ways to go about this.
  9. Thanks. I'm only planning on doing this when the stec gives up its ghost. Hopefully that wont be for a while.
  10. I have manual electric trim in my J, and an STEC 50. Weighing the costs of doing an all Garmin panel upgrade, piecemeal as it makes sense to. I need a GPS, so I am looking at the GTN-750Xi (and dropping of of my KX radios) first (along with the audio panel). Eventually... the G3X PFD. Ultimately, I'm guessing I'll eventually need/want to go Garmin with the autopilot to maximize all the integration. Is the upgrade from the STEC 50 to something like the GFC 500 going to mean replacing all the servos (aka lots of labor)?
  11. Hey @jamesm, I had an issue that ended up being the wiring between the lynx unit and the wifi dongle. My problem manifested as being able to connect to the lynx wifi but there was no communication with foreflight. In my case, of the 4 wires connecting the the Lynx to the wifi dongle (2 data wires, 1 power, one ground), the 2 data wires ended up being twisted and connected to the wrong positions. Perhaps you're having a connection issue with the power wires. my A&P noticed that in my J the wifi dongle had likely been kicked by a passenger because it was affixed to the air duct on the passenger side. This didn't cause the wiring issue, but I could see if your lynx was installed similarly that the power wires might have become poorly connected and are intermittent.
  12. @201erWas the north tip in the inbound clearance also in reference to roosevelt island, or was that for the north tip of central park? Been trying to work up the guts to try and request this for my year of Mooney ownership so far (based up the Hudson river a few miles)...
  13. On my J (1995) the nose wheel cover has a hole that a tire pressure gauge can fit through, but if I need to inflate I have to take the cover off as the hole isn't big enough for the compressor's attachment. The main wheels have no such hole. It is a bit annoying to deal with the covers. But, I like to think it's healthier for the wheels.
  14. Tonight my wife and I did an out and back through the NYC SFRA at sunset. It was a beautiful night and hardly anyone was out there. If you look closely at the shot of the trade center, you can see the Mooney reflected in the glass. All photo credit to my wife.
  15. Someone else also suggested that because one day it will die. I was somewhat hesitant at the thought of removing it. I'd have to display it on something...
  16. Going in for annual next month and trying to schedule some panel work now that I've been in the aircraft for about a year. I'm really curious about where to put the EDM 900 I want to upgrade to. I'm trying to figure out where to place it and it seems like it would fit on the primary pilot panel in vertical orientation below the gear switch. Based on the dimensions I've read, and the few pics of seen, it looks feasible and would keep it in the 21 from pilot inch requirement. (but does it actually fit there?) I couldn't find much on the search, but lot looks to have been done successfully here: Currently have a KLN94, KX 155/165, KMA 24 setup with the standard 6 pack STEC50, stormscope, NGT9000, and a GEM. Going to: IFD540, PMA450b, EDM 900. Attached are before and my made-up "after" picture I made using the GNU Image Manipulation Program. The measurements/placement of new components in my image are not scientific (no rulers were harmed in the making of this image) and i'm estimating the fit and size using my eyeball and the dimensions from the product pages of each component. (I also *really* want the xponder in the center stack, reaching behind the co-pilot yoke to manipulate a touch screen is the worst.) I'd appreciate thoughts on if this layout is reasonable (feasible).. Or even pictures of your own panels with any of these components (or if you just want to show off your panel, that's cool too!) I'm also not really sure what to do with the Stormscope. I put it over on the right because i wasn't sure what else to do with it... I definitely don't want to lose actual real-world live weather data, but i'm not sure if keeping it is worth the cost associated with moving it when I could add one of the behind the panel units that will display on the IFD54. I don't know the real-world cost of a WX-500 installation, but i imagine the 7 AMU purchase price of the wx500 is more than the cost of relocating the stormscope i have now....). Penny for your thoughts?
  17. I found it in the PoH. I must have not absorbed that when reading about the systems. 7-3 "A spring-loaded interconnect device indirectly joins the aileron and rudder control systems to assist in lateral stability during flight maneuvers." Embarrassing, but still glad I asked!
  18. Is any amount of Aileron deflection on rudder application normal? Noticed this happening in my run up checks. The yoke rotates maybe 10 degrees with full rudder deflection. Never noticed it before (but maybe it was there). Now I'm really wondering if this isn't normal how the heck I never noticed it if it isn't a brand new issue. I'm in a J 201 MSE. Thanks!
  19. I lean until EGT peaks and richen 2 tick marks
  20. I got a 1994 M20J MSE last October and she's been flying great. I put a GoPro on the tail tiedown last weekend to record a bit of footage and noticed when I got to our first destination that the lens was covered in crud. I wiped it off and thought maybe some dust got kicked up landing or something. I noticed the same crud on the camera after the next and final leg. When I got home I scanned the video and noticed that not too long after takeoff and at cruise, the video gradually got cloudier and cloudier. So I guess it's coming from the exhaust. I had thought the airplane was running well, I have had to add about a quart of oil in the last 10 hours. Should I be looking into my leaning procedure? Anything else I should be looking into before getting a shop involved? Is this likely a sign of some big issue? Im a relatively new pilot (sub 100 hours) and this is my first aircraft... So I'm learning a ton every time I fly and talk to you all. Thanks for the help and suggestions!
  21. This is a great thread to ask this in. I have a one year old Siberian Husky, named Solo (he's a scoundrel like his namesake). He pretty much whines/speaks endlessly in the car, and we put him in the car about 4 to 5 times per week on average. How do you all go about introducing your pups to the airplane, what's your loading procedure, and how do you handle moments if/when the dog gets super vocal? Maybe the mic won't pick them up when talking to atc, but makes me nervous. We, the wife and I, want to fly with him but we are pretty terrified of the potential difficulty loading and unloading.
  22. What a story. I'm not so romantic about the fuel gauge!
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