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  1. I just purchased a Mooney m20c and discovered after we picked it up that there was a fuel smell in the cabin. We didn't notice it until after we landed and refueled on the way home. I paid for a pre-buy inspection at a shop near where I purchased the airplane, 800 miles from my home, and specifically asked for them to check carefully for fuel leaks. The report didn't mention any fuel leaks. The previous owner never mention them either. Unfortunately I own the issue at this point. I had my local AP, experienced with Mooneys, do a quick inspection and the photos below show what he found in less than 30 minutes. All of the leaking appears to be at the right wing root and into the cabin. He cannot get me scheduled for several weeks to reseal the tank , so my question is, is it safe to fly it in the meantime? I need to get 10 hours of dual for my insurance requirements and hate to wait to begin enjoying my new toy.